Online Demons -- Bad habits & How to fix them


Not a JROD thread! Corner control thread. Other bad habits. Scared of approaching Wakeup situations.

So, I have this problem, a very bad habit from playing online way too much. I stand outside optimal range when I have someone cornered. I’m not close enough for meaties, those nice - fast close normals, overheads, throw mixups, etc. I’m not even in Kara-Throw range. I don’t realize I’m doing it sometimes.

I always expect something stupid to happen, because it happened before. Wakeup Throw beating meaty normals. Shoryuken. 1 Frame Super. Parry then opened up for anything, like SRK to SHIN SHO damage.

All from variable timing online, frames matter.

Its just like the “Shoryuken Everytime on wakeup” way of thinking:

Nobody remembers when it didn’t work. It will work again this next time to use it. Even if it didn’t work the last time, right before this next chance to SRK. Shoryuken is unbeatable. Try to stop my wakeup Super!

Theres also the other options of do whatever blowups:
They’re close on my wakeup? Not even going to wait to see what they do, Parry x Throw

Its the opposite way of thinking SRK beats everything. Being very wary & overly cautious on approach, way more than you need to be, way of thinking. ClamShell up and be defensive, scared to pressure, waiting around and still get beat. Respecting their wakeup options too much.

Or thru it being online play, the all out stupid snowball,
“That worked? fine I’ll do some shit that isn’t supposed to work too” We’ll see who’s a better “jungle striker.”

Playing way faster than you normally should. Never waiting for more information, a better opening, doing stuff to cause mistakes and punish. Half your baits don’t get seen. They might not be paying attention. They don’t care if you used a normal to Tick, maybe they didn’t even see it hit and went about with their business like nothing happened!

Way long talking about this every which way, so

Other than:

  • Don’t play online
  • Live with the consequences
  • Play longer sets, not just 1 -off games where you’ll never ever see that player again
  • Work on setups, not just blockstring, meaty, combos but walking up & dashing up timing to be more air tight and know wakeup timings better (that will also vary by character! & if they Tech Rolled!!)

What else can I do to start making me think - I’m going to take care of my opponent in the corner, on wakeup, the game is over now that they’re in the corner?

I learned the game (very) wrong. How do you forget everything you know and start over, kinda thing.

I also have way more bad habits & better bump that old thread.


mm yes this problem can be very frustrating!

there are certain aggressive counters to wakeup parry/reversal. what I mean by aggressive counters is actual attacks as opposed to a block and punish counter.

Not everyone can do them, but lets use Ken. If you want to beat a wakeup parry but don’t want just wait a throw, a meaty hp that is canceled to shoryu on reaction to the parry is a great counter.

against reversal, I like a meaty crossup. you get your mixup but a reversal shoryu in this situation is pretty tough since the change in direction affects your inputs, and a parry here won’t be a free punish unless the cross up is timed incorrectly. tradeoff is you are cornered afterward.

I don’t really know what you could do to work within the timing problems that online creates, but I hope this helps!


They’re close on my wakeup? Not even going to wait to see what they do, Parry x Throw
They’re close on my wakeup? Not even going to wait to see what they do, Parry x Throw
They’re close on my wakeup? Not even going to wait to see what they do, Parry x Throw
They’re close on my wakeup? Not even going to wait to see what they do, Parry x Throw

It’s gotten so bad I do it when they’re in the air


this shit right here. its fucking ridiculous, just muscle memory.


Playing online in general is a bad habit. Stop playing it to fix it.


yo pherai u still got that amish beard? and yea…what yomi said…cheers


Right on.

Ryu’s close Fierce feels a little different. Then I found out about Low Parry against it, didn’t understand until someone said you can do that once the cancellable frames are over. So it was too meaty! I can do some more research there or find a different move for the same concept. That can bring up another question on Parries against Jab / Strong / Fierce. Jab has the most Frame Advantage for the person who parried? Fierce has the least? I’ve only heard about that in 1 place so it might be wrong, and not considering “Clean” Parry vs “Sloppy.”

The concept of doubling up can blow up the (Guess)Parry. Another option instead of throw, commiting to that and its the wrong choice.

For Shoto overheads. 2 hits. Get too close, Ryu can get 1 parried 1st hit, thrown before second. Sucks. Might be my fault from spacing and timing it wrong too though. I go for max range 2nd hit more now, hopefully meaty enough to get something (low Forward) after it. Ken back MK probably doesn’t have this problem, better range or easier to space correctly to be safe. I don’t think I remember seeing 1 “parryxthrow” beating it often if ever. Akuma there Strong chop, no problems. :badboy:

Crossup mixup is a good idea too. I have put myself in the corner like that, but not too strategically. Just seeing if they catch on. But I have been trying to empty jump, not commit and still be able to air parry, in case of Vertical (enough) hitting Super. Maybe 1 hit like a Rocket Upper, then he sails away the other direction. SRK same thing, threw an Akuma one with Air Throw after that with Ibuki once! “1 parry Throw, in the air!” Didn’t work vs a ShinRyuKen guy, since I didn’t know that parry timing yet, but that’s probably not going to happen often anyway. Could still be a very fun parry to look at with Parry Training.


yes both people are frozen. if its a jab/short its like +4 i think frames for the one being parried (check the system faq thread)

so basically the parrier will be able to do anything 4 frames earlier. parried move of course counts as a move that hit/was blocked (for cancels).

so parrying many things is almost no advantage except forcing the parried player to adjust on the spot. but it’s just setting up another guessing game. in other cases parry is hugely advantageous for the parrier.

this is why parry is awesome.


Nothing breaks this habit better than a Gigas.


[S]Gigas is 1 frame faster? 2 vs 3 frame startup.[/S] Nevermind, 360 moonsault 2, Gigas is 720 1 Frame.

But more power to you to Parry, wait enough/walkup, GIGAS

But you probably mean, GIGAS THEM :tup:


@“circle masher”




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Those were all SRK’s, ibukis, damn GGPO reading his Turbo inputs… flooding the queeeueueu.
CrJab x a million then stand in same spot once crJab done,
THROW attempt – nobody near him, during other games
Kindly asked him to turn off the turbo plz ty.

He ragequit during my not efficient Slow Remy volley (he actually stood/crouch and blocked everything) and almost broke my xbox. Maybe he did, all my replays getting to round 3, mess up. After the console froze in a lobby on Starting 321…0

“don’t use a spam fighter and i don’t use turbos”

> So for Remy, that Sonic Boom back to back takes a special technique. I can teach you!
It sorta looked that way with the nonstop crouch jabs…


Invite back to room. One player leaves, order out of whack. The Freeze fixes itself! Come back to Alex <-auto pick vs Chun Danderrrrrrrr, during messaging didn’t know. wanted to finish my message.

> I’m actually better at the other 2 ways. Charging for both and Throwing a Sonic Boom then a Flash kick after right away.

“really now thats cool it didnt take u a while to learn any fighter moves”

> How to do it is. Hold down+back. This keeps Back charge and Down Back Charge. Your choice after the right mount of time to press forward and Punch or Up and Kick to get the special you want. That’s the 1 part.

“which fighter is it”

Then he ninja’d away.


Wow just found this. No wonder I’m out to Ibuki crMK everybody.

I didn’t remember his name being Bling but that says it now. There can only be one!!

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And I was helping in the Akuma forums guy’s thing guide from Eventhubs Yesterday

The 3rd Strike Online Edition Video Thread



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Yeah the latter. They wake-up, step forward, whiff a grab, then it’s the whiff punish with the zoomed-in Thriller stance. :wink: