Online Edition Bugs and Glitches (Problems) List


Edit 7/9/2012: As you guys should have heard by now they are working on a patch for OE. Details can be found here.

After a day of playing OE (on PSN) I found some issues that I thought might be helpful to address… Hopefully they already have patches in the works.

Interface Issues
[]I noticed Ryu’s P2 portrait is 1-2 pixels off and you can see through. Minor but makes me think “lazy”
]Could we move the names above the health bars? Looks so lazy down below.
[]I had 10+ game win streak going in a Lobby, and it never said more than 1 win.
]I’ve seen some people with 79,000 % disconnects. That seems a little off.
[]When a host disconnects (I think) a big box covers the screen during the match. Could this be a bit more subtle?
]My OE session ended with the game freezing my PS3 when a ranked match got to zero. Not the actual fight, but the little countdown before you pick your character. Had to reboot the PS3
[]In a Lobby and/or Tournament mode, I was unable to spectate any game. Players chose a character, then it would load the intro/stage and freeze until the match finished.
]Have yet to find a Green Bar connection. In all honesty, I don’t think the color reflects the connection at all.
[]These things look like sh*t. Is it possible to get a little higher quality?
]Could you please put the players names on the replays?
[]You can check a box to save your password, but you can’t save my YouTube account info? Seems lazy…
]The only tags added are “KEY1 KEY2 KEY3”.
So, just some notes (rant) I wanted to point out. I’m hoping some of these things are improved.

Update - Day 2 - PSN version

[]I now have 1% disconnect rate. Maybe from that freeze last night.
]Ranked searches are taking forever. 4-5 minutes*…*
[]“Join Failed. The Session no longer exists.” I see that more than finding a player.
]The few players found were all orange or red. Could barely find any Yellow bars. (Maybe everyone quit already?)
[]The Player Match lobbies are all full regardless of what it says. I assume this is because of private slot allocation? In which case, why show me the room?
]Why can’t ranked matchmaking generate a list of players like AE? Would be so much easier…
It took so long to find any match I just gave up. Can’t get a ranked match or join a lobby. Anyways, I’d like 3S on GGPO back please.

My Last Update - 9/10/2011
I tried playing this evening for a while. Still no mythical green bar. Thought we would have a patch by now but apparently not. I’m not surprised people are still finding problems. Wonder if Capcom even reads this stuff…?

The most important note I have is that it froze on me twice and I had to restart the PS3 twice. I’ve always enjoyed playing this game on GGPO, but it is stressful playing OE. 70% of the time is spent just trying to find a match, then join the game, character select…then it freezes the PS3. Granted, lobbies are not that bad, assuming you’re playing 1 person and the connection is great. It’s a fun time then.

It’ll probably be a while til a fix is released; IF a fix is released. IF it even fixes things. Anyways, I don’t wanna bitch about it anymore. So I’m just moving on from this one and sticking with ggpo.

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Most disappointing FG of the Year

[]Buttons cannot be un-bound.
]It’d be real nice if you could see the CPU perform the combos in Trial mode, to help learn the timing and all that (think Blazblue’s challenges).

[]Setting stun to “off” does not turn the stun off.
]The “auto guard” setting for the dummy does not work well; if there is more than a tiny frame gap between hits in a non-combo, the dummy will revert to not blocking. Ex: I was practicing Dudley’s f+RH to SA3 link, and even when I didn’t get the combo (6 hits) I would hit the dummy with all 5 hits of the Corkscrew blow.
[]Pressing “START” will take the dummy and you back to the center of the level and remove your save state. This is very inconvenient if you’ve made a setup but want to change the dummy/stun settings and whatnot.
]There is no way to remove a save state without pressing “START.” If extra buttons could be bound to this, that’d be great.


There’s no way that I can see to un-bind the L1 and L2 buttons. In my case I always have to have them bound to 3P and 3K.

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Some of this stuff is more like interface issues than bugs or glitches but yeah…


  • Can’t change screen size/filter settings in training mode. That would be the perfect place to test the look of the size/filters.
  • No 3P/3K commands to choose from for button config. I know this game is catering to the hardcore but I can see some people not buying the game because they rely on those for EX moves/throwing.
  • The whole having to switch between arcade/extra console colors
  • no replay saves in lobbies


  • Sound bugs even offline. Characters vocals will cut out and sometimes the songs will cut off entirely. Noticed the Simon remixes would cut off about 10 percent of the time. Which isn’t a bad thing I guess.


Sound bugs for offline like playing the incorrect sfx or none.

Why is everyone saying this? You can 3P and 3K in the button config and they have to be assigned to buttons.


Uh… the game has 3P/3K commands bound to L1 and L2.


Hopefully that’s LB and RB on Xbox; I removed those buttons from my stick.


Is there really no option for 3P and 3K? They were definately available in the preview videoes…

I’m still waiting for this on EU PSN, what a joke.


The option for 3P and 3K is there -_____________-. Don’t listen to Ondore’s lies.


I would like it if there was a back button. I’ve caught myself accidently pressing X alot and going into single player arcade mode. I can’t get back to the main menu until the match starts and I exit it :frowning:


From how it sounds in the NAT help section, it sounds as if they won’t be matching greens w/ non greens unless they have to.


I havent uploaded one yet, but I was browsing youtube earlier to see how they were, and that one you linked is the worst I’ve seen. Not to say others look perfect, but the one you linked has visible distortion and blurriness when the background is in motion that others dont have. This is how most the ones I viewed looked - .

That guy in the one you linked mentioned he was laggy, and it shows w/ the decreased quality.

And as mentioned, there is 3P/3K commands in config.


People just have to work out the settings when the upload those. They can be a little clearer.
And even that one I could make a little better.


seems like the meter bar sizes are changed. im sure supers build the same as every other version but its annoying when you’re trying to DED


The one thing really irking me on the PS3 ver. is the sounds being mixed up. I keep getting a hit sound when ever a shoto blocks my normals crouching. Really messes me up when trying to confirm hits.


EU/x360 user here. I’m playing with a 6-buttons-custom-arcade-stick ( NO LT/RT ) and there’s no way of getting the game to work properly.
I tried every possible mapping combination, there’s always at least one button that doesn’t get recognized during the match.


Small request: Make the Random Select button re-assignable. I’m used to pressing start to skip cutscenes etc and sometimes I press it too much and I end up selecting a random char.


I just got done playing the xbox360 version. Plays well. I did notice frame skips, but that was prolly wifi connection. I haven’t played the solo arcade version to compare how it runs. Youtube online fight replay is a nice edition, something UMVC3 should do (there’s still time left) I would pay an extra $5-8(on top of the retail price) to have that option. Standard XBL achievements are gonna take a while to do, because you have to complete all their training missions, but they have their own achievements in the game. Why didn’t they combine them all together? I’ll keep playing this till UMVC3 comes out.


During a Player match I went from ready to unready after the spec. Happened couple of times when I was just chillin’ on my chair spectating with the controller on the desk. It was so damn annoying waiting 5 turns then having to wait another 5 turns just because the game decided that I pressed X.

That’s another thing: why did they make it the X button? It’s so easy to press X. The whole interface leaves a lot to be desired.


Only actual glitch I encountered was me and fellow srk dude were battling it out
I actually had his life ‘depleated’, one of those classic fight game moments were you need to take an additioal nano-meter of health to offical win
but the game said “KO” and we kept fighting, then I got to hear KO again once I hit him.

I do wish they’d make a list of people to choose from for ranked matches (seems to take awhile to find a match) and set lobby sizes for player matches, I usually go 3 in SSF4, that way the frequency of your personal fights is higher as opposed to waiting 5 turns like Cmonster said above.

all in all I’m love’n’ the game


On PS3, at least, they actually swapped the names of the Smooth and Crisp filters. The options to change difficulty and number of rounds in single-player mode also don’t have any effect, at least for me.

Also, they forgot to add matchmaking while you play arcade mode, which is basically the only right way to handle it after SF4 demonstrated that it was the greatest thing imaginable.

Those aside, though, I’ve been really pleased so far, to be honest.