Online Edition is the single worst port of a fighting game I've ever played

This may get locked but honestly, I really don’t care. Its amazing how Capcom can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory but low and behold, they managed do it with this game. This game is practically unplayable at times. I’ve played matches on Kallera that were better than the online in this game. The online matchmaking is even worse than SSBB. It took me as long as 12 minutes to find one match and when it begins, the game is sluggish as hell, I get 18-19 dropped inputs per match. Little simple stuff like Tatsu to Shoryuken don’t even register. This game is so bad, I wouldn’t wish playing it on my worst enemy. For Seth Killian, to call this “arcade perfect” is the biggest lie I’ve heard since “Super Street Fighter 4 is the last edition coming out”

Capcom and Iron Galaxy took a beloved, classic fighting game and practically ruined it. This game should be further proof that they do not care about this community. They spit on it. Derek Neal and Iron Galaxy shouldn’t even be making games if they cannot competently port a 12 year game. Here’s the honest truth folks, this isn’t a matter of whether a game is arcade perfect or not. Its a matter of a greedy, selfish company releasing a mediocre, glitchy version of one of the most important fighting games ever made.

I write this because I care. I write this because I don’t want anyone being ripped off of their hard earned cash for this abomination. Save your money and play 3rd Strike through other means. Experience the game the way it was supposed to.

This one’s for you Capcom. Peace.



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Where were you like 5 months ago when people were raging?

What is that, a MAME cabinet? Looks pretty ghetto.


nah I just picked the first or second pic that came up in Google search lol

At this point, just save up for the actual 3S hardware with cabinet. You don’t get any online play, but 3S will always be garbage online.

havent bought it yet

If this is the worst port of a fighting game you’ve ever played, you haven’t been around for very long.

Yea. IDK how bad 3SO is, cause I hated that game since Dreamcast, but try some shit like THIS if you want worse conversion ever:


Or this


I think he clearly means worst port in regards to reasonable expectations. If you thought the Gameboy version of a fighting game would be anything like the arcade (or even console versions) you’ve got some ridiculous standards.

lol it’s no where near the worse port. Lets be straight up honest here, it’s not that good - but it’s not that bad either. It’s worth the money at least.

Its pretty bad.

I think the PlayStation versions of some Capcom fighters are far worse than 3SOE. SFA3 and JoJo, mostly. Some KoF or Fatal Fury on PS1 are also pretty shitty apparently, animations missing and such. So no, I wouldn’t call 3SOE the “worst port of a fighting game” even with all it’s flaws.

Difference is those games were limited by the system’s technology and poor RAM. These are modern game systems that should have no issues in having a 12 year old game ported with decent netcode. No excuse whatsoever for this game’s mediocrity.

Thats a capcom q-sound cab (big blue)
/shakes head

Well true dat, but 3SOE is still very much playble offline and the best port of 3s.

Ehh, 3s cab for me equals Versus City or Astro :rolleyes:

That’s fine, but is it wrong for some of us to want “the best”(arcade perfect) instead of “good enough”(closest compared to PS2/DC/Emulators, and even then there are some matchup-affecting bug fixes)? A little more effort couldn’t have possibly hurt them any more.

Emulation is the closest. It may run a little faster but it’s very easy to adjust, plus it doesn’t drop EX inputs, no ugly hud and the Super Bar isn’t incorrectly sized.

OE doesn’t drop EX inputs. Why are you so intensely in need of that being true? Where do you live, Louis? I will come visit you and do 100 EX moves in a row. No drops. You’ll love it.

EDIT: Unless you’re talking about online, then I guess that makes sense. OE’s netcode does drop inputs, and I haven’t noticed that as much on GGPO.

I’ve dropped inputs, including EXes, in any version of online 3S. That’s just how online is.

Yeah that’s what I figured. When I say “I haven’t noticed as much on GGPO” what I should say is “I don’t have enough experience to say for sure.” I’ve played a lot more OE online than I have GGPO. I wouldn’t be surprised if OE is worse about it though, my experience there is usually a constant stream of “I parried that!”