Online Edition Questions


What does GGPO mean? I never understood what it meant. Under help & options, there’s an option that reads, “GGPO delay”. Just what does this mean?

Also, I notice that some replays on youtube feature some remixed versions of the original tracks. I have the DLC for both New Generation and Second Impact soundtracks, but I don’t understand why I cannot find the option to use remixed tracks.

Can anyone help me out? I would appreciate it.


GGPO is the netcode the game uses. Actually it seems to perform worse than the real GGPO and does a lot of whacky stuff, so who knows how they changed it.

GGPO delay allows you to add consistent input lag to minimize rollbacks. You’re adding a buffer to your connection pretty much. It is ideal to keep it as low as you can get it without living in rollback hell, since the attraction of GGPO is that is produces minimal lag for input-specific games.

I don’t actually know how to use the remixed tracks, I wanna say either the 360 version came with the old music as default or I changed it as quickly as possible. The new remixed tracks are kind of bad, so not knowing how to turn them on is no great loss!


the tracks i would think would be in the same place as the other tracks? in the vault? search around there. you hilight the song and hit either x or y, it should say on the bottom of the screen.

bob explained ggpo well enough. if you’re playing a few people regularly and you get a lot of ‘rollbacks’ you want to increase the ggpo delay number. like he said the number is the amount of frames of delay from when you input something to when it happens on screen (in online games). as bob said it works like a buffer, meaning it gives the game more time to process incoming inputs from your opponents game. without that buffer the game can look very skippy and glitchy.


The GGPO delay is the number of frames the game puts input delay in netplay. From my experiences GGPO delay under 2 is pretty much unplayble, and even with 2 rollbacks happen every once in a while. 4 would be a pretty safe bet, if you can handle the delay.


Since everyone else pretty much covered all but one question: it means “Good Game Peace Out”. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just assume that the vault has original versions of the tracks only and not remixed or arranged versions of the tracks. But I guess I’ll take the time to unlock them. I could always get more vault points.

As for the information on GGPO, I would say that this information is useful if I want to parry attacks online.

Thank you everyone for your feedback.


Doesn’t the vault only have remixed and arranged versions of the tracks? Pretty sure it didn’t actually have the actual originals.


yeah arranged. i thought he was asking about stuff he downloaded from 2I/NG?


No. It just has remixed tracks, with two originals.
I have another question and I wonder if anyone can help me out.
This is in regards to the “The Bitter End” trophy/achievement. I have been trying to get this down, but I’m wondering, does getting this challenge down mean I should get into a tournament queue and intentionally not play? It’s kind of an awkward question, so I leave this to someone who know their stuff.


What’s the requirement for getting the trophy? Just sit through an entire tournament, win or lose? I tried Googling for it and there isn’t a clear explanation on how to get it.


i got it when the game came out. i couldn’t get into a ranked match (remember that?) so I joined a tournament lobby and won. i think u do have to play for it to count, but good luck finding a tournament lobby. nobody plays it anymore.


I got it by beating one guy in a tournament. It was literally just me and him, he pressed ready as soon as I joined. Some tournament mode.


I think you can get it by losing in a tournament but sticking around to watch it play out as well. Not 100% sure on that though.


This would make the most sense, considering it IS called “The Bitter End”. I dunno, if OE actually flourished then this’d be a lot easier to understand. lol


What does 3s mean?




I guess I’ll have to invite a friend to do this. That is, if I can find one.


AlphaCat: I play a lot of 3s on both PS3 and 360. My name on both is Yewni. Feel free to add me and we can play.

Be warned: I suck.


Yeah, it’s exactly this.

OP, I’ll add you on PSN. I want to get that trophy too. :stuck_out_tongue:


how do i get the sharing is caring achievement and practice makes perfect achievement? those are the only two I am missing… on xbox live