Online Etiquette Question

thanks for all the replies guys… this debate definitely gave me an insight into what people were thinking. to clarify i never do any of these things to abuse lag i didn’t play online until very recently so i wouldn’t even know how to abuse lag yet. i do them because that’s how i play offline (i even used to do the sweep/overhead wakeup game one guy mentioned back in the day offline). some of you are saying if i did this offline i’d get wrecked, and sometimes i do, but a lot of times, unfortunately, i’m better than my competition. that’s because there are no good arcades i know of in downtown baltimore. i don’t get to play much offline anymore so online it is. in any case, i’m a nice guy, so i’ll try to take notice of when i might be doing something that unintentionally abuses lag and i’ll try to cut it. once again thanks for everybody’s input.

Doing 360’s and 720’s on keyboard is even easier than doing it on stick or pad. Now you didn’t hear this from me, but what you can do is say, set left, down, right as A,S,D Now set up as W and F. Now to do a 360 all you gotta do is press asdf+punch. And if your really cheap make F jab aswell as up. The time you do a splas on someone you can probably do about 4-5 360 motions in that time. If a hundred gief’s and hawks show up over night cause of this i am shooting myself in the foot.

I don’t recall mentioning your name at all or calling you into anything…but that certainly didn’t stop you from re-stating my point. I never claimed to have any tournament experience, nor do I really care to make that claim…and if you notice the title of the thread, it is “ONLINE etiquette question”. Feel free to get my name out of your mouth. Thanks.

You’d have to switch your hand position for that, and it’s not practical for things like standing 720’s and combo ticks into 360’s/720’s.
Hell, it’s not practical for anything besides maybe a wake up one, and how many people are gonna be dumb enough to stand next to 'gief or hawk on wake-up.
Any method where you have to switch your hand position = Crap.
Nothing beats a stick for doing these, and this is coming from a guy who hits tick 720 on a KB fairly consistently.

Yet, you’re on GW2, playing a3 right now…

I was playing against Slide one last time before he’s gone, he wont be back for another 8-9 months… He leaves to iraq tomorrow.

Now that is a good reason to buy a saitek…

Sorry Kyokuji but it really is a piece of piss doing it that way, and doesn’t involve changing hand position either. But i haven’t used used a keyboard on kaillera for about 2 years, and like u said nothing beats stick. Just thought that might be a useful tip for all the keyboard players out there. I the only reason why someone would find this merthod difficult is if they had only 3 fingers on there hand.

Back on topic i believe anything u do online that doesn’t in some way take advantage of the lag is not cheap. And even if it does so what. Its online, its totally different to playing someone in person. I really doubt i would miss half my combos and charges online if there was no lag, but i’m sure i could say the same about the other person.

To anyone complain about everything besides autofire…

Whenever I feel like I am being cheaped, I try to out cheap the person. Gief splasher? I splash back and see who is better at it. If it doesn’t work, I whore Sim’s st. RH. And if that doesn’t work, then I try something else. If people reduce their strat to pure wake up guessing game, then I would go on the offense and put him in his own game.

I played some chun idiot called space giant, plays the piority whore chun, I whore priority right back. He then does the “i have original style,don’t read faq therefore I am better than you even though I lost” routine then I just laugh at him for being a noob and left.

The problem I have is not the splash necessarily it’s the fact that their retardedness makes me have to resort to retardedness. Gief himself isn’t much of a treat to me anymore Sodom b+HP or random Chun Li scrubyness = ggpo Splash. the fact I can’t do much outside of those due to lag is what annoys me. I’m not getting anything out of the game, winning games like that doesn’t teach me shit.

I gonna assume the person who went by ‘pltbrn’ some time back was you, after about 10 games the split was like 3-7 to you. I’d rather play matches like those and not win at all than win 15+ games using only 1 button. shit like that to me is a waste of time

Im totally in agreement on this part, which is why i pretty much only play a number of games on Kaillera now… I pretty much gave up on MVC and a couple other games. Its no fun in certain games when you play a completly different way u would ever play on the console at home. It ruins the point, and to me if u play with those kind of matches where lag is everwhere then ur really just playin to win, and somtimes it ruins all fun and makes everyone hate eachother.

But I usually am never one to leave till I lose or win a number of matches just cause i like to have fun playin and meet new peeps. Plus its not the biggest deal to get owned on mame… like r3ko said it aint the same as it as at home. there will always be lag (scary thoughts). I just wish some people would relize this more and not be so cut throat or trash talkers when they play.