Online features are lacking

i dont get why capcom doesnt allow you to enter training mode when you are hosting the room to keep you occupied while you are waiting for players to join. i do this is blazblue all the time and this is an incredibly good feature to have… does anyone know if they are planning on implementing this?
also, any word on when the sound bug will be fixed online?
Overall its a neat game, but i would imagine that a company like capcom would improve multiplayer, given their experience with fighting games.

It’s called Briefing room. Get a friend and train together while you wait for a challenge.

Did you really think online was going to be improved in this game or were you not around for SF4, and then SSF4, and then MVC3, and then UMVC3, and 3rd Strike Online?

LOL @ Marvel. I’ve only played this game online twice ever. Both times I put down the stick. Even bigger LOL @ 3S on PSN. People think jumping back fireball all day, while teleporting due to their horrible wifi connection is skill.

yes i did think they would improve things. Last capcom fighting game i played was SSF4, silly unable to join the room messages and defensive gameplay made me not want to purchase AE and MVC3, hence i switched to BlazBlue. I kept hearing about patches for these games though, so i figured capcom started to care and support their games, so i decided to give sfxt a chance. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a fun game, and i like the approach they are taking by switching to hitconfirms, application and a lenient combo system, rather than a billion of unnecessary quarter circle supers and strict links.
I just find it strange that they don’t use great ideas from other FG publishers to improve their own, it’s also strange that there’s still no online training mode, people were crying about this for ages, yet it’s still not implemented.

Come on CapCom, i know you can do better than that…

Pretty sure this marks the end of this thread.