Online gameplay issues


So I think at some point a lot of us have lost matches online, but felt like something was a bit off. I certainly have had a fair share of that, and so have you I’m sure. I wanted to open up a thread to discuss any odd quirks that occur online that can affect the match (lag, rollback, etc.).

One thing I want to mention that I found was that the game will skip frames in order for the game to appear like the connection isn’t affecting the match, and for it not have to slow down to get the animation to work. Like for instance, in a match I played, they had Steve do a weave on wakeup. When I was playing the match, only the latter portion of the weave even appeared on my screen but the game never slowed down. I went back to watch the replay, and of course there I saw the entire weave come out much earlier than what I experienced in the actual match.

This isn’t a thread to bitch about how broken the online may be. Rather, I want to leave this open for people to comment on findings so we have a better understanding of the issues we face online so we don’t drive ourselves crazy wondering what the hell happened.


Spectator mode in an endless lobby is unstable as f*ck on PC. Not sure about the console versions though.


I only managed to record one spectated match as it always end up disconnecting. Establishing a stable connection with GFWL is also a very big pain in the ass as I always have to switch the modem’s settings on and off until GFWL nails it.


Version 2013 apparently borked spectator mode on PC. I just try my best to ignore it.