Online Games With Small Communities


Ever buy a game, only to discover that there’s a practically non-existent community? Maybe we can list our games here, their platforms and see if we can get some regular games going:

Yu-Gi-Oh! Decades Duel Plus (PS3)
Worms Revolution Extreme (Vita)
Skullgirls (PS3)
Divekick (PS3)
Atomic Ninjas (Vita)

Lots more for me, really, but these are some I’d like to play. My PSN is SSj4_Ryuk.

How about you guys?

(Sorry if this is the wrong place for this)


CvS2 X[


Planet puzzle league


Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst. They’re gonna have an Xmas event where you can get unique items. Don’t know when that’s happening though. They’re usually slow on arranging events, but they don’t have much reason to do so given the dwindling numbers.


The Outfit :sad:




Skullgirls has a large amount of people on pc, i dont think it can be categorized as small community at this point.


Resident Evil: Revelations (PC)


^^ I noted PS3 specifically, though. Almost literally nobody on.


True, I agree with that. I did read on Skullheart that every system (pc ps360) is getting updated in March


The Outfit :sad:


yeah true, there used to be plenty of us there. but I think they all vanished.

Now it’s like me every two months and the same two jpn guys.

Other small communities:

Max payne 3


Man, Skullgirls on PS3 is looking at postapocaliptic wasteland: There’s nobody there, and if you find them, they are nearly dead.

Same shit with divekick. I’m gonna blame PC for stealing away all the players. I feel good for buying both titles to support, the PC thing ended up fucking me over. So…not spending any more money on a games that have console/pc releases if I’m not buying the PC release. Its a waste of time.


That’s not always the case. MK9, Injustice and SFxT are dead on PC due to how badly they fucked up the online for those ports are.


Those three games are dead because they are shit.


Yeah, pretty bad games there, at least to play seriously. They’re “fun” though.

Anybody know how SFxT’s community is on Vita?


Sfxt shares the community with PS3 which is excellent


Thanks, guess I’ll have no problem with it then.


Other than dealing with playing on wireless. SFxT’s netcode is one of the things going for it and playing dudes on vita is usually terrible, even when they have a supposedly good connection.

Then again eh, its free on psn+ ain’t it? If so, why not.


^ Is there a difference between playing a wifi connected PS3/Vita player? Also, can you filter by system to avoid certain players (Vita, for example)?