Online Guys

Is it me or do Guy players have ridiculous frame advantage up close. Online its 10 times worse as you cant react at all.

Guys Block Advantage:
Close LP = +3
Close MP = +1
Close MK = +3
Close HK= +2
Far HP = +3

Against Ryus… LP = +2 and thats about it.

Anyone got any tips with Ryu ?

I have trouble against good Guy. It seem I am in a permanent block stun online.

Use cr.MK a lot in this match. AA his specials with cr.HP

I alt Guy, and he’s less scary once you get used to the gimmicks. Don’t jump when he’s standing. I recommend cr.MP vs. air elbow. Try to land untechable knockdowns to start your own offense. Zone him out by mixing up pokes a lot and throwing in occasional fierces to declare your space. DP as anti-air is usually not good, and better used as a frame trap. Hadouken zoning is iffy, and depends on how much meter Guy has and how well you’ve read the player; for the most part I use it conservatively. If guy gets in on you mash dp if you can ex cancel, also consider backdash. Always be aware of his nasty crossup; look for it the whole fight, especially when you’re waking up or not moving. My two cents. :slight_smile: