Online Help/Team Queries

I’ve been wanting to ask this, but am short of where to actually post it so I’lls tart by saying if this is in the wrong place, then please forgive me.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks training with Morrigan & Iron Man, waiting and hoping that the initial rush of people using Sentinel will die down as I found it frustrating to constantly be pummelled by Sent or Dante. I returned to Ranked today and found it pleasantly surprising that Sentinels are less apparent, so that’s good.

Anyway, main thing before I ramble, I’ve Ranked up to 9th Scout and now I’m suddenly just losing constantly and I’m actually feeling that I’ll rank down. Does that actually happen, or will I just stop when the bar essentially reaches zero?

I think that my team is the problem. Morrigan & Iron Man are my 2 mains, with Morrigan leading, but my 3rd is X-23. I’ve seen a lot of people who seem to struggle get asked if their team is synched well and I’m beginning to think that, as much as I love her, X-23 isn’t a good addition to my team. She’s fast, but the norm seems to be that once she gets hit, she’s basically out.

So I guess the second question is, who would be a good replacement for X-23? I’ve looked at considering Trish, Shuma-Gorath, Hulk or Wolverine, but my mind goes blank.

Any help would be appreciated.


regarding ranking down. Yes this can happen. I sent a fellow down from 9th Judge(or something) back to a Fighter. His ranks bar was at half way, after he was sent down to a fighter.
^this would probably be an appropriate Thread for your first question.

Regarding your second question I believe if you refer to either Morrigan or Iron Mans thread you should find a team building thread there.

Cheers. It’s a bit annoying, as I just want to get Ranked out the way. As soon as I fight that 1st class, I can just enjoy Player matches.

Why don’t you just enjoy player matches then? Ranked means nothing, especially with the blasted online netcode of this game.
I mean do try to have fun trying to get there, but it’s not an uber awesome achievement if that’s what you think it is.
Time better spent having fun and finding good competition via friends list, imo if you don’t have an offline scene.

I prefer, and do play a lot of, player matches, but I’m also a bit of a completionist sometimes. I dunno, I’d just like to see that last achievement done as well.

I could boost it, but I’d feel a bit like I’d cheated to do it. If I could earn my way there then I’d feel a bit more rewarded if I got it legit.

No one on this forum should care enough whether you boosted it or not. Feel free.
We care more about new folk like yourself learning the game and becoming better, not achieving this touchy feely online rank bs.

It’s more for my own sense of achievement. It won’t ruin my experience of the game if I don’t get it, mind you. I love this game to pieces so I’m more than happy to practice and get better first, as with that then I can go through the ranks with less trouble.

Sums things up perfectly.