Online Input Timings Changed? Having some serious issues!

Hi All,

I’m hopeful that there is a solution or at least an explanation for what I’m experiencing. In a nutshell, it appears that around the time Alex was released, input timing changes took place in the game, affecting online mode only. Specifically, I play Gief and I use my jump-in’s, wake-up time, forward dash time, etc. to buffer in my 270/360/720 motions. These all worked perfectly fine in offline and online play prior to the Alex patch. Since then, the success rate to execute these moves online is so low for me, that I really can’t play the game anymore! Offline works perfectly fine still.

A bit of background on my setup and what I have tried so far

-I am a PC player, using a very hefty machine to run this game. I can run it in 4K with all options turned on without any slowdowns, but I choose to run it in 1080p with maxed settings on my monitor and TV.
-I have a very good Internet Connection; 2ms ping latency and 350 mbps down/25 mbps up
-I use a MadCatz Pro Stick for Windows/XB360, which works natively with SFV
-I’ve tried enabling/disabling V-sync
-I’ve tried various USB ports just for fun
-I’ve reformatted and reinstalled SFV on my PC (same result)
-I’ve added all ports suggested for SFV to my router (same result)
-I’ve connected directly to the modem and removed my router from the equation (same result)

I lose virtually all competitive matches online due to piledrivers/air grabs turning into regular jabs/punches. I know I am inputting the controls correctly, because I execute all of this in Practice Mode at 95%. Please understand that I do have competitive fighting game experience and this is not a ‘nerves’ thing with me messing up inputs online. I have limited my connection preferences to 4-5 bars only but it doesn’t make a difference.

I tested with a good friend (5-bar connection) and I couldn’t pull off forward dash into Critical Art, which is something I can easily do in Practice Mode. I telegraph jump-ins and my air grab just comes out as a jab about 80% of the time online.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is it because of the fact that Gief is the only ‘360’ style character and the inputs are getting ‘lost’ somehow online?

Any input/advice on this is greatly appreciated!

Since the recent update I’ve been having similar experiences with input delay. No matter if I’m on my friends highish end pc set up or my ps4 with monitor or tv with optimized connection settings it feels like playing mkx pre netcode update(which was bad). I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence but I don’t recall it being as bad as it has been. 4-5 bar connections feel like 1-2bars input wise.