Online Kaillera=Error requesting server list!

What’s up with Kaillera? I haven’t been able to see the server list for almost 2 days now :tdown: has been up and down. The list is part of the website.

I don’t know the reason for the website problems however.

You could download another kaillera client in order to fix this.

You may also stop the refresh, but you have to do it immediately ^^

Where do I get another kaillera client? I have the Dark Addictz one running now I think.

It’s happening to me aswell, I’m using the regular Mame .64 Kaillera client

Alright, why isn’t this a bigger deal if it’s happening to so many people? Everyone else has got to be getting that SF twitch by now :xeye: lol

Do you have the client that has the “recent servers” list? With that you don’t need the master list unless you’re looking for new servers.

The “Error requesting server list” isn’t as bad as the actual client crashing when it can’t get said list, which does happen to some people (gotta stop it from looking for the list as soon as the client opens up, as said above).

I reformatted and don’t have half the servers on my Recent list

From my kaillera.ini-

recent0_name=Dark Addictz (New Server!)
recent0_loc=San Antonio, TX (actually is Miami, FL)
recent0_ip= BETA Server
recent1_loc=East Coast, USA

recent3_name=( I think this is Sprite Identity)

recent4_name=Kaillera MultiPlay USA
recent4_loc=Midwest, WI

recent7_name=Old School Fun
recent7_loc=Minneapolis Minnesota
recent9_loc=East Coast

Since most of those are the popular ones you might already have them.

I don’t see a kailerra.ini in my mame32k directories anywhere. Help! :sad:

It’s in your Windows directory :karate:

You don’t need to put that in your kaillera.ini by the way, just hit enter IP in the client and paste the IP in there.

Thanks JedahsMinistry =)

Had real problems on Boegspirit recently with getting kicked out of games, even when Im hosting them.

The whole game request list gets wiped. Rather annoying.

genocide, that’s someone with a script/hack doing it. Kaillera is very vulnerable to that. Nothing you can do currently but wait for them to leave : \

cheers. someone said it was something similar. why cant they hack something useful :frowning:

proper noob question now:

how do you find the ip for a server? I use Boegspirit and am tryin to get another n00b on there. Server list isnt working and im trying to find the ip to enter manually :xeye:


The IP for Boegspriet is

Big up all B2VOS massive :tup:

big up all the b2vos massive who get constantly pwn3d on SFA3!

Ciao Ken :wink:

No, sembra proprio che ci siano problemi con il master server

Al di la del crash solito al caricamento dei server, ora non si riesce proprio a scaricare la lista

Infatti anche il sito del kaillera down

i’ve been getting another problem with my mame now. whenever i try to get on it, it won’t even load; I immediately get an error from windows as if that’s what’s supposed to happen. anyone know what’s wrong?