Online KOF98 players!

Who else plays KOF98 here?!!
I’m starting up playing again, after roughly a 2 year hiatus.

I remember playing the 6-player version, that was crazy.

I know a few people play this still, but it would be great to have a KOF98 Kaillera scene again on the West Coast

Although I’ve been busier lately, I’m usually on West Wonderland and sometimes on #srkkaillera on efnet.

Playing on MAME 0.64 via P2P

If you want a few games, gimme a shout or post here or something.

endless, when I get back from china you are so on!

also kof2002?

I’ll play you in West Wonderland…but I have bad experiences with P2P. The input delay is almost non-existent, but it seems to eat a lot of input at random for me.

Anybody who’s ready ill be willing to play. Just had some good hours of early sleep. So hit me up or something b4 the mornings over.

Or anytime.


p2p, daroms, anti3d, emularena would be fine n dandy

Well i just started playing but if anyone wants some catch me on gw, daroms, or reps, and willing to p2p

If anyone is interested in playing right now let me know on aim peace.

I had some excellent matches on kaillera with rage02. I await the next battle.

My pad just died but I’m WC and theres one guy that I play a bunch on P2P that you can also play. What’s your AIM so we can add you? I’ll look for a new pad in the next few days I guess…hopefully this one has good direction detection…

Did I ever play you in any 6ps? I used to play them a lot a few years back. I was EC though so maybe we never wound up in a game with each other.

My AIM is on the left side.
I rarely use it, but add me and I’ll play you

I played you in 6ps 98 once… I remember you using Heidern.
6ps was so messy and laggy, but fun.

I play kof98, but I’m not really good at it.

Ya GGs man had a blast still amazed by some of those matches!:tup:

If anyone is down after 6 or 6:30 P.M. PST for some games hit me up on AIM I’ll be playing till 10 or 11 P.M. PST.

Tonight was a fiasco.
I don’t have your AIM

Yeah…my computer seems to be really picky about who i can play. It could be a number of different things that we might be able to sort out…I dunno. I need to buy a new pad anyway like I said (mine conked out yesterday, the up direction doesn’t work most of the time…for a game like SF that isn’t too much of a hinderance but for KOF it’s crippling). I’ll hit you up on AIM sometime tomorrow. Worse comes to worse we can use regular kaillera for some 6ps.

damn End been wantin to play with ya but we must have completely different schedules…im like the vampire and you’re the human

Depending on how it goes I’ll try to play you tonight.
hahah, yea, I’ve been trying to go to bed earlier lately, cuz I don’t want to be a zombie at work, so I usually call it a night at about 1030 or 11pm.

zombies are bitchin

I got a new pad! So I’m up for games whenever. Testing it out right now. It’s got 6 buttons too, so I guess I can even go back to my old KOF button layout I used to use (I started using a 4 button layout for the past year or so).

Bumping this thread because I finally got a useful converter that no longer randomly ignores my inputs. Im usually available most of the afternoon on AIM/MSN and in the Kaillera MIRC room.

Feel free to send me an IM. If Im online, Im up for some 98.

I want opponents. Damn where is everyone?

EDIT: My pad broke again. I should probably warn everyone to stay away from the 6 button Saitek pads. The D-pad just snaps right off, it’s a joke. I’ve dropped like $40 or so on two pads and I think they’ve lasted me maybe a total of a month combined. I wish I had kept receipts or gotten warranties but whatever.

I placed an order for 3 (yes three) pads.

I won’t be able to play Capcom games with this, but whatever I can play KOF so that’s fine. They should be here by the end of the month, hopefully sooner than that. I put my AIM on my profile and added a couple of you guys, IM me if youre up for games. We should try to get some nightly 6ps going too.