Online Lag Switch 0.0 really

I was watching some video and found out about people using lag switch in fighting game…

“What a lot of people don’t realize. Is that a lot of the lag is not the game. But rather lag switching. This is why it does not matter how fast your net is. You still have horrible lag. I had a lag switch user inform me of all of this. If you don’t believe me. Just goto Ebay and type in lag switch. You can buy them for PC,Xbox360 and the PS3. Most people cheat when it comes to online play.”

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That’s why I don’t play video game online, I prefer playing in arcade like old school. Good thing arcades are still very popular here.

I bet this crap happens a lot on xbox live…tons of loudmouth kids with no skill or integrity.

Hm I have been a little suspicious lately. I’m a pretty bad player at UMvC3, often I play someone and lose to them constantly. I keep going trying to learn how to beat their team or get around whatever it is they are doing, more than once I have finally beaten them, only to be met with unplayable lag in the following game. Are people really doing this in fighting games? I mean I can’t imagine everyone doing it, but it does seem just a little suspicious that it has happened multiple times and always seems to start after I’ve just won a game or when I am near winning a game.

I thought people knew about these already?

I usually think someone is using a lag switch whenever Im playing and the game is fine until I get a hit and it starts to lag messing up my combo but it never lags any other time.

Anyone who has played FPS online for 360 or PS3 knows about lag switching already. It is blatantly obvious when people use it as well and alot of people use it. COD is full of people who do nothing but lag switch.

I definitely know of their existence. They are absolutely rampant in some FPS games, but there seems to be even less to gain from using it in fighting games.

I have to say that while I suck at SF4, I do not notice lag until I win a round.

metal gear online is probably the most glitched/lagswitched game EVER. then there are “legit laggers” that actually cheat but not enough to get banned. some pretend to be foreigners and type in Japanese…LOL.

kids are obsessed with cheating in this game. mainly because community is small and there is “grade points” involved. sad fucks get off to ruining the game for everyone. this has been going on for like 3 years lol…

video gaming online: its THAT serious.

Lag switch doesn’t help at all in fighting games. Notice how everyone always posts video of an FPS using it lol.

fucktards on mgo got mac banned and bought multiple ps3s just to glitch again over and over for 3 years.

THATS how serious it is lol…

I’d laugh if it wasn’t true.

I dread the day (no pun intended) when more than 90% of the FG player base would rather sit at home and play on XBL/PSN then to come out and compete in person.

This was a lot worse on the original Xbox back when people had standby buttons on their modems. Halo 2 and Rainbow Six 3 were plagued with this early on.

Wow so the lag switch really does exist. I always thought it was some kind of urban legend or an excuse people made up, but apparently it’s real.
That would definitely explain some straight up bullshit shenanigans I often encounter playing COD (teleporting, insta-kills, etc.)

Ah yes the good ol days of Halo 2, Loved that game. I remember back when me and my friends tried to get our rank up in team slayer… after a certain point we ALWAYS got into a match where we got hit by the standby button and of course people who had action replay mods…

Back then people cheated to get that high number next to their gamertag in halo 2 which was still stupid but at least I could understand why people did that. But now all the shooting games that I know of on console don’t have a ranking system where losing means you lose points, you simply play the game and regardless you level up like in gow 3 halo reach COD etc.

so I REALLY don’t understand what people stand to gain from using a lag switch nowadays, maybe it’s just people with unfulfilling lives that somehow find some self worth by cheating in online video games… anything to get that W lol

It does. I’ve seen this a bit in HDR. Where a person is blowing me up then in 1 set I’m starting to make a come back and suddenly my opponent starts teleporting around (started the lag switch). Same thing if I won a round then he uses it to even the score (can’t really fight well against someone using it), and proceeds to use it in the 3rd round to ensure their victory. Some people always use it. I those cases I’d rather walk away from the gamepad than play them and let them kill me so I can play someone else who won’t resort to using it to get victories.

People tend to turn it on when you land a combo starter or when they want a free escape from whatever you are doing.

This was a huge problem in Halo back in the day. Don’t equate it with your average lag. This is noticeable. I had some dick do it last night to me as my hawk had some fucking scrubby Akuma in the corner. Suddenly it lags out for awhile then comes back and I’m dead

Same thing here.

I’m not much of an online player, but when I do play online I do notice strange things like how everything is perfect and all of sudden when I got my thing going it will just lag.
FPS I notice this the most, but I just thought it was due to poor net coding and never took it to heart.

Man, what a shitty device :confused: