online matches


do you guys feel that when it all comes down to it, online has some relevance?

Been going to offline events and playing online when Im at home. Usually online I try to work on anti-airs and mixups, defense, etc. I feel like I need to get past 5000bp+ to get more matches with smarter players, ran into a few actually that utilize OS and are smarter at the ground game now that I broke that bp. Is there anything you guys recommend doing additionally online? I understand that maybe online its hard to practice wiff punishing I play ken so against another shoto i try to work on punishing common things such as low forward by trying to figure out where to stand. I have a a hard time against really good ryus, cammies and guile. Today found a good spacing to keep balrogs from doing rush punches but I feel like theres so much more to be doing.


Really want to get to that next level with my character in this time that we all have before sf5 comes out.