Online or Arcade?

So where do you guys all go to get better at your game? I mostly play SF4AE on my computer, but I always try to make it out to the arcade to practice when I can for more experience & to play a little Marvel too.

What the hell, is this some kind of troll account?

Of course Arcade!!!

If there was still an arcade scene, i’d be there.

Hey man I don’t want the Online Warriors to feel left out, or people who don’t live anywhere near an arcade. Although I do agree the Arcade scene is much more fun.

Sounds like your answered your own question for everyone else.

Sadly arcades have been dead for a very long time here, the closest one that i know of is almost 2 hours away, is expensive and is mostly full of driving sim games.

i try to play local multiplayer as much as possible, online can be unreliable and frustrating at times and not all the games i play even have that option, but really just whatever is available at the time.

I’m nowhere near an arc so I gotta train online.

more like ‘how many people in SRK have access to an arcade’

not only that but competition that actually strives.

I know there aren’t a lot of arcades left but you gotta ask. plus i was under the impression that most arcades that have fighting games have their set of regulars that play them…

I’d be going to the arcade more if people played fighting games other than Tekken. Seriously, the newest fighting game they have there is Tekken 5 DR. And I’m not really into Tekken so…

There’s MvC2, CvS2, CvS but those don’t get nearly as much play as Tekken 5 DR (or hell, even Tekken 4) Last time I was there the CvS and CvS2 cabs were still down and the arcade operators wouldn’t even bother to fix them, so I only have MvC2 to play (and that breaks down periodically from time to time; at least the last time they fixed it they made it 1 credit to play instead of 2). There’s that Neo-Geo machine in the back with over 200 games but the sticks do not work properly so I can only use God Press when playing as Rugal in KOF 2002.

Besides, I have CvS, CvS2, and MvC2 on Dreamcast at home anyway. Gonna sound kind of silly these days, but coming down to the arcades was sort of a reason I got the home versions of those games to play. Hardly anyone else there plays these games, so I’m hogging the machine most of the time. The ones that do come up to challenge me, they have no real clue on how to play and thus get OCV’d. If I’m lucky they’ll rematch but most of the time they’ll just leave without even saying “good game” or anything. Even when I offer some pointers or even go easy on them just to make it less boring, no one else is willing to play for long. So fuck it, might as well get these games on Dreamcast and save some money.

I still go out every now and then, but fuck it’s so boring without the CvS or CvS2 cabs working. They should bring that MvC cab from the other side of the mall in there to replace that broken Mortal Kombat 4 cab. Now I just 1cc MvC2 and leave if no one else is playing. I’m pretty much the only “regular” there and I only come once every week.

i know right.

There should be a “Arcades that still exist & have working Fighting Game cabinets” database on this site somewhere.

arcades are just about dead outside texas/cali

there is offline comp, but, now it’s mostly relegated to house gatherings and lan center type ish

the arcade was just a local place you could get up with other players. In most places now, the “arcade” is someones house\apartment.

offline is definitely the way to go but everyone knows that its impossible to play with people in your area 24\7 365. Life, school, work all play other parts in our lives and its just impossible to play like that unless you happen to be sponsored.

what I suggest to players is play offline as much as you can with people in your area that happen to play your game and whenever that doesn’t go through, spend some time playing online. However, the netcode is so bad for most modern games, excluding BB, that “playing” online would be used loosely. The netcode is so bad that you can actually harm your game play online for sf4\mvc3. We just had a player come out and play with us locally and the first thing he mentioned was, this is nothing like online and was actually thrown off by the different timings.

Online if you live where i live

There is a map of Arcades that are around HERE, provided by arcadenation on tumblr. It doesn’t say if they have fighting game cabinets but it’s still a nice ass map.

I only have 2 places near me with any arcade games: 1 legit arcade in the nearby mall, and my local movie theatre.

Unfortunately, no one really visits the arcade very often, so its mostly online play for me.

I implore everyone to hit up

Appreciate it! They actually have my hometown arcade in there, ‘FunFunFun’ in NC. They still have Third Strike, Tekken 5, and CVS2, but the scene died so much out there.

woah woah what the hell? this website keeps telling me I can’t enter because of an IP problem…

i just linked arcadefly to a local arcade owner so he can register and add his games