Online ordering: Fate of two business days

Doesn’t have to be fighting game related, but what orders are you stalking?

Just ordered a Q4 from arcadeshock and it’s arriving in 5 business days and I’m hype as fuck. So here’s the question. How in the hell do you guys deal with online ordering and how do you not check the shipping status every hour on the hour and stalking the site you bought your product from? It’s like consuming every thought I have

I forget about it and then it shows up on my door.


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By watching Maury…

I don’t know man, I usually have plenty of other shit going on.

by ordering more stuff online :smiley:

Try to get your owner to let you out more

That’s the funny thing. I go to work, school, and go out, but I’m always checking for the same result every time. Fuck smart phones. I’m also stalking a foreman grill

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