Online Part's Stores or So. Cali(LA) Stores


Hey, I’m looking for a place to buy Sanwa or Seimitsu parts to make my own arcade stick, I tried searching for links through the forum. It only brought up Lizard Lick. I’m not sure if they’re prices are competitive compared to another dealer. So I was wondering, if anyone had a list of links to stores or point me to the forum thread with links to stores.

Better yet, are there any Southern California stores local to Los Angeles? I’m wondering if Frank & Son’s has this kind of stuff. Thanks.


lizardlick is great place, they have a 2-3 week delay right now due to the release of sf4, but the price is right


I’ve never seen arcade hardware at Frank’s and have been going for years. =\ Aside from a couple of people selling a Hori stick or two.


You found LizardLick, but you didn’t find Akihabara Shop? AkihabaraShop has a larger selection when it comes to Sanwa and Seimitsu parts and sometimes has limited edition parts. Check out that mesh ball.


What he said. There’s a hidden SFAC Stick for $80 at one of the vendors if you can find it.


Im looking for the brick and mortar in So California area too that carry these sticks. No luck so far. Ordered some from LL but im getting very impatient and I have an itch to start building a box. Not going to cancel though. If anyone does know a b&m in Orange County/LA area, please let us know.