Online Parts Suppliers' Status

I’ve been trying to find parts everywhere and, like most people, I’m finding it increasingly annoying keeping track of who’s closed and for how long. Below is a list of the most common parts suppliers with an emphasis on Japanese parts (we all know where we could get HAPPs…any reason to add Korean Fanta suppliers or other non-American/Japanese brands suppliers too?).

DISCLAIMER I’ve found these sites based on your contributions to this thread and my own searching. I’ve only ordered from Akihabara, LL, and Starcab (still pending) myself so far. If you see a supplier listed here don’t assume you won’t get ripped off; in fact, let me know of negative feedback for them in this thread and I’ll remove them to keep the list clear of sheisters and sleezeballs. Status of online store is based on speculation and by no means is this thread the final say of each website’s status.

Akihabara (Japan)
Status: CLOSED (Australia)
Status: Open (Germany)
Status: Closed to US orders until May 4 (Open to everyone else?)

Status: Open
Notes: Minimum order quantities

Gamedude (Australia)
Status: Open (to Australians only I think, judging from their checkout page)

GremlinSolutions (UK)
Status: Open [COLOR=“Blue”]but maybe backed up on orders[/COLOR]

Lizard Lick Amusements (US)
Status: Open

ModChipMan (US)
Status: Open

Nareg’s Gamingnow
Status: Open

SouthTown Homebrew
Status: Open

Starcab (France)
Status: Open.

If I left any suppliers out please let me know so I can add them here. If my information is incorrect please let me know that, too. If you see a booger hanging out my nose, for the love of God and all that is holy let me know about that ASAP.

Trading Post Info:

Gremlin are open and just got a shipment of JLFs I think.

Afaik there aren’t many of them working there and they are just working through the orders as fast as they can.

Thanks for the heads up. Updated the first post.


How much does Gremlin charge to ship to the states?

I want to get a bat top, adapter and octagon restrictor plate.

I’m In San Diego Ca. 92113…

Don’t forget Modchipman!

They’re accepting orders and have quite a few sanwa buttons in stock. I’ll be ordering from them next week. The feedback on them is quite good. They’re also in Illinois, so the shipping charges for the U.S. are very reasonable.

yea, is a great one! Defiantly dont forget them

Here are a couple of good online stores for Australians.

Nareg’s sells stuff, too.

Theres also which seem to be taking orders (can’t confirm this though)

DOH! Added them :slight_smile:

Thanks. I added gamedude but left off the list. I went to their site and didn’t see Japanese parts.

Checking them out now. Will add in a moment.


Keep 'em coming and let me know of any mistakes.

editx2: Nareg ended up taking great care of me. My experience with was turned around completely, to the point where I would feel comfortable enough placing more orders with them. Things were rough at first, but Nareg definitely cleared things up for me and pulled through. Packaging was pretty remarkable, too.

Gamingnow/Nareg has had ~$165 of my money since 9th April, and hasn’t responded to the email I sent yesterday… Never sent any update on the order, and at the time of the order I removed everything that showed up as not in stock.

I’m going to try to send a PM on here in hopes that I get through, and will update later today whether or not I get a response.

Unless someone else can vouch that they’ve received something recently, I’d personally put that on the “order at your own risk” list, at least temporarily.

edit: PM sent, will update this post as well later on.

latest edit moved to top.

If you check out the Trading Outlet, some private sellers such as:

laugh -
ponyboy -
infamouskid (group buys) -

Just off the top of my head. They all have good feedback and reliable, but aren’t necessarily actual businesses. They all sell various stuff, (i.e. laugh sells korean parts/inpins too, ponyboy sells iL, infamous sells full DIYs, etc.) Great idea for the thread, hope this helps some people.

You sure? have a decent list of Sanwa and Seimitsu products. They also do international shipping.

I searched for joysticks and completely missed the “Sanwa/Semitsu Parts” links. Thanks for pointing that out.

Keep us posted. I’ll add a note next to their link.

Yeah I was considering adding them based on the positive feedback my brother was relaying to me after he ordered some parts from the trading post. I might make another section with trading post links.

You should denote next to each link what country they are based in.

I see you have it for the Australian site, and lots of them are obvious. But, for example, a new member isn’t going to know right away that Starcab is based in France.

I’ve gotten (as others have) plenty of stuff from him. My last order arrived on Monday.

Where are you located? And he has constantly been updating his thread with info on orders and when they ship.

Laugh and Ponyboy should be added in this thread. They’re as reliable as anyone, and have never let the community down. It shouldn’t matter that they don’t have a store front or website.

Awesome idea for a thread. Thanks.

Seconded on this. I’d just do something like: (Australia)


I am in the same boat… he has yet to ship my second order and hasn’t responded to any emails or PMs


Kinda surprised to hear that feedback about, he seems to update his thread pretty often with info. I know he’s had a bunch of successful transactions, but he also posted he’s getting a bit backlogged recently. More details probably available in his thread.

I placed an order with him a while back, and although I cancelled it because he was out of stock at the time, his replies were prompt.