Online Patch Video Review


I would have liked to have seen more KoF 13 netcode in action. Something like, a post-patch matche or two at 2 bars, a few at 3 and a few at 4

Can’t believe I wasted 5 minutes watching this.

This review is very biased. I recommend not to take his review very seriously.

First of all, unfortunately KoF13 is not as popular as SSF4 or MvC3 in NA. Even the offline scenes in Canada are really small compared to SSF4 AE or MvC3 scenes. Which means, there are not many people playing the game at the moment, and many of the KoF13 players prefer offline because the game’s online play had been bad (before patch). Therefore, it still takes long time to find a player within region even after patch.

I’ve played Kof13 post patch online for 3~4hours last night and met many 3~4 bars players, and the lag was not as bad as pre-patch, it was improved and the game play was much smoother. Unlike the reviewer, I created my own lobby with at least 3 bar restriction and had no problem meeting opponent with 3+ bar. However, it’s true that it takes longer than SSF4 or MvC3 to meet a player with decent connection, and the reason is simple, the game is not as popular as other majors.

I’ve been helping MAD_KoF to update his online casual videos’ descriptions. So, I read / asked about the patch on Korean forums and many responded that the patch improved online play. Remember that Korea / Japan have much more KoF players than NA. They were having easier time to find opponents with fairy good connection even pre patch. I really believe that if there were much more KoF players in NA, we could have much better online play experience.

Oh btw, I forgot to say that I agree with the review about booting option in a lobby. It’s required many times.

Oh btw, do not feed the troll (AcidGlow). He disabled Like / Dislike and writing a comment needs his approval.
What a fail troll.

I once fought Acidglow online. We had a near lagless connection. After one close match, he kicked me out of his room. Thinking that he might have done it accidently, I reentered his room, only to be kicked immediately. I sent him a message asking why, and never received a reply. I guess he’s one of those guys who doesn’t like fighting people who might tarnish their sterling win loss record.

hey LazieFreddy, it’s me DeathToSoheil. Nice to meet you here too.

Nice to see you here, man. We should play again sometime soon, it’s been a while. :slight_smile:

Yeah this review is terrible especially when it comes to showing the online game play. I got to admit that the netcode was pretty bad pre patch but after the patch got released I find myself playing against peeople with exceptionally well connections. Maybe here and there it will be laggy but its fully playable now. How exactly does searching for a ranked match qualify for the rest of the online modes being terrible make sense?

3 bars was good before the patch imo and seriously who uses quick match?

Got the game last night and holy crap the lag is bad. I can’t imagine what is was like before the patch. I’ve only played 3 and 4I bar connections (mostly 4) .

This is on ps3, so maybe that’s why.

You can add me GatorSkinShoes, but as of right now every match has been laggy

I dont know AcidGlow or you or anyone of the KOF community. Im a SF4 player and am a bit interested in KOF.
What does your story has to do with this video or anything with this topic? (For an outsider you are looking like the troll. So he kicked you after losing. Who the f*** cares? The Topic is the patch and the “improved” internet experience.)
I think the video is made very well. If it’s really the case, that the matchmaking system is still that bad, I dont want to imagine the prepatch times.
And as far as I now, the netcode hasnt improved at all. Only the filters are more accurat. Meaning when you played 4bars prepatch, in reallity the game was perhaps 2-3 bars actually. Postpatch 4 bars really are 4 bars etc. (When Im wrong please someone correct me and post some believable source).

I ordered KOF13 for xbox360 and will test it for myself, I dont expect an online experience like in SF4 (with its much bigger community and Lobbysystem), but I hope I cant find some nice fights. I dont know about the difference between xboxlive or psn, but thats not the topic either.

Sorry, I should have explained a bit better. In the video and in elsewhere, Acidglow has said that the netcode is bad and there’s no one to play with. So I just find it a bit hypocritical when he is actively avoiding fights even when the connection is perfect.

In any case, the netcode is not as bad as he claimed. I’ve seen improvements in connections to people that I play regularly, and it’s not hard to find someone with a good connection to play with in player matches.

Hey ok. Then I go along with you. As far as I can see from your signature, you are playing on xbox live too. Perhaps I can need some advice in the future in KOF :wink: .
I hope the game arrives next week per mail, I will test it then very intensive.