Online play bleh

ok so i use to have a really good internet connection but the funds got low and i couldnt afford to pay for it now im stuck wit garbage att&t with 5 other people in the house who either download or stream videos so i dont have enough bandwith and to make matters worse im connected to my pc cuz i cant go wireless cuz ps3 wireless internet sucks. what do i exactly do if i cant play offline cuz theres no scene in my town and i have no way to commute and i cant play online cuz my internet is laggy really great suggestions would help me out so i can get some kind of fun out of fighting games.

Make more money, sorry but I can’t really find another solution to your problem. Anything to fix those problems costs money.

yeah guess that could be a actual solution but pretty hard cuz economy sucks no jobs

Move to where there are jobs?

you got to have money to move?

All you can do is deal with it or make more money. I don’t really know what kind of answer you’re looking for, cause that’s all there is…

Nice avatar dude, lol. Maybe you could tailor your playing to a time when nobody else is using the net (like late nights or early mornings). If you really wanna get it in, wait until everyone is asleep and disconnect their computers from the net, and you should have less lag on your game system.

Log into your router and limit their bandwidth…

Really…I doubt that.

Looks like you’re in a tough spot. I’ll do what no one else has to balls to tell you to do:

Stop playing the game. Seriously. Unless you have some offline line or get your own place, YOU ARE SCREWED.

well this is where you can start a scene using facebook, a person who has a car and duct tape to keep them all together. “necessity is the mother of invention:china:”

Do you have a car? You’re only a half hour from Vernon, go there and play. Or Danbury which is only like 45 minutes away.

Don’t have a car or a job? Well then you should probably stop playing SF and work on fixing some of those problems.

i heard mcdonalds is hiring

rob some niggahs

the no jobs thing is a little bit of a cop out, you CAN find a job, you just need to try harder. and yeah unless you make the “scene” yourself, you’re gonna have to drop playing the game for a while and make some money.

yeah i agree with all of you just gotta keep on pushing and about that mcdonalds thing idk about that ive tried applying there alot but i cant really make excuses for myself ill just drop sf until i get something going for myself. and i would limit there bandwith but i dont really know how to do that i know how to get into the router but after that im kinda screwed lol

Just FYI everyone, jobs ARE legitimately hard to find in some areas of the U.S. A couple years back while I was in college, I literally spent three straight days dropping off applications everywhere that would take one, and it still took over two months to get even a single call-back.

Finding a JOB is a JOB itself.

If you can’t afford street fighter, make street fighter afford you.

I mean, Kimbo Slice made dollars off of fcking dudes up.

Then again he got fcked up too

you live with 5 other people and you are worried about online play?

get some of your roommates involved

ggX3 would be awesome