Online play broken? or am i just dumb?

just started playing, very fist fighting game, and i dont ever expect to be winning or even doing well with anything. but i decided to finally try my first online matches after getting a general grasp on a couple combos. but after trying things online im fully confused. combos seem to flat out not be working. ill try a critical art legit 8 times before it works online, but offline i might mess it up once or twice if i do it too fast. is online play actually this bad (and yes i tried setting to only match with 5 bars). or am i actually missing something.

now the couple times i actually managed to get the inputs to work at all my critical was flat out blocked. whats the point of a critical if it can just be blocked like any other attack? i must be missing something here. are criticals just for show?

You’re either misinputting or are using counter settings in training mode which makes combos easier (I’m assuming you’re talking about SFV).

Basically you have to get good. Maybe train with frame delay on in training mode to get more accustomed to the bad online weather.

Online isn’t broken, it just sucks ass. So get used to it.

You can cancel into critical art from special attacks. If you want to ensure the land you should be hit confirming into it from a combo like any special cancel. So for example if you’re using Ryu you can do something like

jab jab * xx Shoryuken xx CA

The “*” is the point where by then you’ve confirmed if you are comboing them or not then you do the rest.

As for dropping things online, it happens to all of us. Most of the time you just need mire practice and you’ll improve with time.

Edit: it’s also worth noting that combos are not what you should be focusing on as a beginnner. Learn like 1 or 2 basic ones for your character and focus on the basics like blocking, anti-airing, and movement.

thanks for the input, yeah this is SFV

how might i go about turning on input delay for training? i dont seem to see anything about it online. unless you mean not pay attention to my animations online since they wont be technically accurate like offline?

thanks for the input, i made a list of id say 8 basic combos i want to work on but have only been trying a few of them online so far. ill have to figure out how to play online because the combos feel way different than offline.
theres also alot for me to figure out when it comes to terminology and mechanics, but thats just time i guess.

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