Online Play? Can't find a single game

I just picked up Tatsunoko and I havn’t found one online match yet… what is the deal here has online always just been busted? Free match or Ranked it just says “Connecting” forever and I never find a match… what’s the deal?

the playerbase isn’t very large (unlike SSFIV) and it’s been a few months since the game came out, so some people have either lost interest or are only online at specific times. Most people I know don’t even play it online, they play in person.

you can try the chat on capcom unity forums if you want to play some good people online

I doubt this is a playerbase issue. I still get games, usually in less than 2 minutes. Have you read about putting your wii on a DMZ and making sure your firewall doesn’t block traffic? It’s very important.

No I didn’t know about the wii blocking games, that seems wierd.

It’s not that the wii blocks games, your firewall/router blocks traffic from reaching your wii. Check your settings. You want to add your wii to the DMZ which means it won’t block your traffic.

I need to change to demilitarized on the router or through the wii? I am new to this wii thing, just had 360 before.

In the router… Every router is a bit different, but generally you go into the router settings. Find where it offers DMZ (I believe most have this) and add your wii’s ip address to it. This also requires you to have a static ip address on the wii. That part is done on the wii. Google the subject, I’m sure there are some more specific instructions out there.

its not the player base. i never have to wait long to find a match any time of the day.

Toronto…Theres a small TvC scene up there well theres a small scene up there in general lol.
Online to be honest isn’t going to be the best experience for, for where you live its going to be Lag on lag.
Just find your local scene but if online is really what you want listen to the people above me.

i play online almost solely now. while its not 100% lag free, its certainly damn close when you do all that DMZ shit to your router/wii and get a lan adapter. i play fewer laggy games than non-laggy.

DJ you better take MvC3 to tourney boy :3

whys that? i dont think ive ever played a game in a tournament except bomberman when i was in junior high. lol.

Idk you just seem like a fun guy to be with at tourneys :3

Yes. This. You demilitiarized your wii. Also, use a manuel DNS address called “OpenDNS”. And for the best exprience, do port forward.

I’m sure if you do a OpenDNS forum search, you should find it.

If you DMZ something I dont think forwarding its ports matters. But it never hurts to cover every base.