Online Play Discussion

Given how online play tends to differ somewhat from offline play in terms of what’s effective and what’s not (some tactics are made more effective with delay involved), I figure a thread channeling discussion on what people are seeing online would be useful.

What this thread is:

To comment and observe on commonly used teams in the online format.
To talk about tactics that seem to work better when you add the element of input delay
To talk about how to counter and adapt to tactics seen more often online than anywhere else.
Discussion on things like the mechanics behind the ranking system in place, whether or not its effective, and what players are doing at each rank level.

What this thread isn’t:

A place to to talk about rage mails.
A place to talk about how lag and mvc3 netcode sucks

Examples of posts that fit the thread topic:

“I’m in a low rank branket right now and up against a lot of hulk/akuma players who throw out random charges/tatsus. I’m having trouble punishing it due to lag - what can I do to counter this?”

“I’ve found a trap with sentinel’s charge assist and wolverine that becomes really effective with even small amounts of delay. While it could be countered more easily with no lag, the window is shortened in online play.”

“I wasn’t able to go up from rank X until i hit X win percentage and X amount of wins. I think the system might be influenced by factors A, B, and C.”

“It seems like a lot of your average SSF4 players are running with Ryu/Akuma/XXX teams. Lots and lots of shotos”

Essentially, this thread is for specifically talking about the nuances, mechanics, and observations related to online play.

Anyone know how to deal with the thousands of spammers from a full screen away?

All I know is that when you cant find a match, ( which is way harder to do than it should be because of the issues capcom are having right now ) it takes you all the way back to the main menu which is BS. I really wish they do something where it just took you back to the online menu. Also, not being able to watch while others play is really lame, as is the no replay feature. Watching others fight helped me get plenty of ideas, and sometimes its just really cool to sit back and watch some matches. Especially in a game like this. Hope if they do put in replay you can choose specific characters to watch and not just any team with a resident evil character or x-men character like SSF4 had with alpha, newcomers, etc… I havent been able to do 1 goddamned ranked match yet…

More on topic, what exactly are the mechanics for the ranking system? I see top players with 3rd lord, or 7th lord, and ive seen people with fighter… How do you level up?

Also, havent seen as many sentinals or dantes as id have thought. Barely any Sents, and some Dantes yeah, but I thought thered be more with the way people were talking around here.

I’m getting real tired of running into Ryu/Akuma/??? teams. I swear that’s like every other match. Tactics this team combo is always the same. Use footsies or mash jab to start combo, abuse Akuma’s tatsu assist or abuse tatsu if Akuma is on point, recklessly rushdown despite being shutdown by GTFO my assists, If Ryu is on point try to play him the same way he was in TvC. Little character diversity would be nice

I think the Ryu/Akuma teams are more coming from people who haven’t played much in the versus series ever. People latch on to characters they think they’re already familiar with.

That said, I haven’t run into too much trouble against those teams. People who use them don’t seem to be too great at defending rushdown (probably due to aforementioned lack of familiarity with the vs series in general).

It does get annoying seeing them every third match though.

Not really sure myself, but I think if you go on enough of a win streak it’s possible to skip ranks entirely. I went straight from 9th lord to 7th lord on that promotion. I ended up only at 65-70% win for the next batch of games and went from 7th to 6th (with no skip).

There are also points associated with it on the leaderboards, but not really sure how they correspond to the rank titles just yet (aside from higher ranks having more points as a general rule).

I saw this in the Levelup stream: Morrigan does Mirror super, spams projectiles in XFC for MASSIVE chip damage. Now, to get out of it offline you pushblock then immediately jump. Does that work online?

Has anyone noticed that people pull plug about 50x more often than they ever did in SF4?

I’m not sure if it’s due to the nature of MvC3 rushdowns, sentinel, or what. But I’d go as far as to say at least 15-20% of my wins get plugged on. And I’m not even playing Arthur.

I haven’t seen a DC yet. I mean, I’m not the greatest player, but I’ve destroyed some people on here. So I don’t know.

Anytime I see Dante or Deadpool I just roll my eyes. It’s gettin old. I haven’t seen a Modok or Viewtiful Joe yet.

It’s fitting that they gave Deadpool’s moveset to a complete troll character in deadpool. Instead of potentially exploring his rushdown/pressure abilties, practically everyone online does jump back, grenade, shoot. It’s not very effective and they end up losing 95% of the time, but it’s definitely annoying when it comprises a good portion of the player base.

The online is extremely laggy =/

I’ve had a fairly smooth experience thus far. I’ve had only a few laggy matches in the 30+ matches I’ve played so far.

I had some pretty bad lag issues last night, but it was much better this morning.

The big issue I’ve had is with the ranking system. Somehow it thinks it should be pitting me against guys who have records of 53-3 while I am brand new to the game but have enough games in where I assumed the algorithm would have figured me out by now.

Does anyone know how the rankings work? I was a 9th judge but I change to a 9th lord without leveling up.

Shintarru, the Lord/Judge part of your rank refers to your stats (Lord is when stability is your highest stat). 9th or 8th or whatever is based on number of wins (and win streaks).

Not that it really matters, but any clue what stability is referring to in the stat page? Seems like whatever boosts it is near universal to the top of the leaderboards, with very very few judge/rangers to be found in the top 1000 (by comparison).

Probably has something to do with your fighting stats.

My guess is stability relates to your win/loss ratio and winstreaks.

Oh alright thanks

I can’t find ranked matches…

all I get is “connection to host has been lost”