Online play for GGXX #R!

Online play confirmed for GGXX #R!

Finally, some reliable info on #R. This might actually induce me to buy an X-box…

Only $20? Dizam… Majesco is my hero.

Oh hey, nice, 20 dollars.

That’s cheaper than I thought it would be :slight_smile:

I was at Best Buy last night. Too bad it would cost me $230 to be able to play this game online. $150 for the X-box, $60 for the online service, and $20 for the game.

Damn…how much does a cabinet cost :wink:

shrug PS2 and GGXX used to cost about that much without online play.

yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip,
mm mm mm mm mm mm,
get a job.


easy to say…i’d like to stop my studies and work…hate be in dependance of parents monney…anyway 3 years before i’ll get the job i want.
if only all that would be cheaper…i’d like to fight in continue at ggxx.and as noone pays in my country that could be pretty good to increase my game…

With the introduction of online play, you think people will find opportunities to see just how useful EX characters are?

Or can you play EX characters in the arcade already? Last time I tried an arcade, I don’t think so.

ex-char are not played in tourneys so probably not in arcade.and it’s logical.some of them are too much powerfull,compared to regular char…(i played a lot of ex-ky and assume he’s MUCH better than regular ky)

I think EX characters will become MUCH more popular with online GGXX#R. Hopefully they will balance some of the more powerful EX characters by the time it comes out for X-box. I’m looking forward to good EX play!

People don’t play EX characters because they are horribly unbalanced. EX Johnny absolutely blows. EX Millia would be broken even in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (tandem tops in the air, all tandem tops are FRCable, Secret Garden in the air too :eek: ). I dun even wanna think about what EX+SP Millia would do to people. Rest assured, EX characters will never be allowed in a legitimate tournament.

EX Axl has a command dust move with almost no startup that hits low. That would be ugly.