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i am so frustrated right now. i spend time in training + trials, practice my fundamentals and it gets nowhere with these lame bs tactics! almost 200 hours of play and i’m still worse than these shenanigans, which frustrates me even more because it means i’m absolute crap.

so can anybody give me some quick and dirty tips on how to retaliate against these jump happy fireball spammers? and don’t give me this “zoning” nonsense; i’m talking straight up, “get to full screen no matter what and chuck plasma nonstop. if he gets close i’ll just propeller hurricane kick to the other side.” i main Rose, but i’m trying to transition to Abel so i can play at arcades.


I heard this “practice” thing helps. Also, you might want to try learning from your mistakes instead of repeating them. That’d be good.


With Rose? Build meter by reflecting and absorbing projectiles, get a lead, then turtle until they come to you. Building a solid strategy on the fly is the best part of playing fighting games.


please specify, because i “practice” the trials and vs. mode in training for hours. the big problem with those is nobody is going to let you jump in for free - even i know that. my only mistake was thinking HisNameIsL would offer something constructive instead of just firing of a run-of-the-mill smartass response.

Cryoh, i was pretty good at the reflect thing until i transitioned to a TE stick a couple weeks ago. i’m already bad as is, so it doesn’t help that i can’t keep up the pace with reflects now. not to mention i had the epiphany that playing a low tier character AND being a scrub is a lose-lose. however, i really do thank you for providing more than the standard a-hole reply.


Forget practicing combos/links. etc. Just go find whatever works and abuse it. If you have to sit on down+back all day and chuck fireballs to win, then do it.


Back them into a corner, sit at 2/3 of the screen away for a bit…dash up and pressure but dont commit to anything. If they helicopter away then you should be sitting in a position where you can dash and punish them. Then its your turn to run away for the entire match and spam taunt. Make sure you give them the winky face in the lobby for at least 10 seconds before kicking them as well.


Why does somebody with such a condescending tone to his post expect everybody to be so happy go lucky in their responses?

You need experience against people, not a training dummy. If you spent 200 hours experience in that, then you’ve wasted a lot of time.


Get a lead and turtle like Cryoh said. If you’re fundamentals are as good as you say keeping a lead against players like these should be simple.


reflect fireballs

they wont know what to do when they are coming back at them and they can’t throw another

that’ll build your meter too


You need more practice against people who can tell you what you are doing wrong. Training mode is great for getting your combos down, but thats worthless without the knowledge of how to get in in the first place.


The first thing to realize for you is that learning to play the correct way takes longer and will not be as immediately rewarding. However, you will benefit greatly in the long run.

I used to have the same problem: I would read that jumping in is totally unsafe, yet all those Ken flowcharts would jump in all day long and still hit me, coupled with some totally unsafe uppercuts which they were not supposed to throw out :crybaby:

Here is what helped me:

Use the **recording feature **in training mode:

a) Having trouble with jumping Kens ? Record 2-3 jump ins with different timing, playback and practice your anti airs, until you can realiably get them down.
b) People throwing fireballs at you ? Dude, you main Rose, where is the problem ? :chat: Just record Fireball spam, playback and reflect all day long. If you can reflect reliably, they will have to come jumping at you - see a)

Last but not least, as for “abusable” tactics, I think Rose’s slide->throw is quite strong, especially agains scrubs.

And be patient, if you have just transitioned to a TE stick, it just takes more than a few weeks to get used to.


Rose. Reflect fireballs and try to get close to them, people who play like that generally crumple hard under pressure.

Training mode - Record feature. It does a WORLD of good against things like this because you can formulate ways to get around the tactics.

Rose is excellent at building meter and even better at throwing, get close, batter and throw.


I agree with this. You can dish out combos on a training dummy all day, but you also need practical knowledge of your character in order to defeat human opponents, who can sometimes be random. If someone is beating you by abusing a tactic over and over again, it means you have a hole in your game that needs to be addressed. Always keep the focus on yourself and what you can do to improve, that is how you get the most value from a loss.


thanks to everyone for the responses! i think i’ll get back to being a little successful with Rose when i’m better with the stick; i can’t reflect all day like i used to. i’ll get started with the record mode and be more observant in ranked matches.


If they’re just going to jump back, do the same. Eventually they’ll come to you and if they were jumping back then they are probably not great at close combat.

I’ve faced like 5 different Akumas who ACTUALLY threw fireballs until the timer ran out. Literally fireball fireball fireball for 60 seconds.


If they’re just going to jump back, do the same. Eventually they’ll come to you and if they were jumping back then they are probably not great at close combat.

I’ve faced like 5 different Akumas who ACTUALLY threw fireballs until the timer ran out. Literally fireball fireball fireball for 60 seconds.


Build meter and turtle. Or play Abel and ultra through fireballs. I doubt they know the ultra range.


Apperently you’re having problems stopping jump ins, but you say nobody is gonna let you jump in for free…

Stop letting people jump in for free!
Work on your anti-air and reflecting.


You don’t play 99 Second Rounds?


Training mode is just one small part of learning this game. Only doing training mode is like learning how to do u-turns in an empty parking lot with cones. But until you drive on the road and get a feel for traffic patterns, timing, and human behavior, you still don’t know how to drive. Takes awareness and tons of experience, there isn’t much of a magic formula, I’m afraid.