Online play on Blazblue for european importers?

Anyone in europe tried online play in Blazblue yet, and how is it?

Just waiting till I find out about the online play before I order the game from the US :slight_smile:

Bumpy Johnson.

I’m in the same situation as you excel… no point buying the game if there’s not gonna be any decent competition, if any at all :frowning:

Hi, I live in uk and many players got/will have the us version, I will send a link to you to via pm as I am not sure that I can post another forum link here(I don’t want trouble)

Any european 360 players here?!

I’m from Europe an ordered an US PS3 Version. Still has to arrive here though.

yep i’m from UK, got a US ps3 version.

Played last night vs an american, seemed OK.

For some reason i couldn’t join rooms (said they were full?) but i made my own and then it was fine! To be honest there wasn’t many people on it, but i guess there will be more now the games rolling out!

I’m from Europe as well and there are at least 5 other people that I know of ( from another forum) that are getting it too. More will follow I’m sure.

Quite alot of us will actually be online so don’t worry about it. If you want online Euro comp then please check here: The Official BlazBlue Online Matchmaking Thread

I live in Switzerland and the online runs very well, even against japanese players (not sure they were in Japan but they were speaking japanese…)

Hope I can get past level 1 one day :sweat:

Where did most of you guys import your BB from ? I live in the Netherlands so I have no clue where to look. If it’s not allowed, could anyone PM me about the online store you got it from ?

is there anyway to make a 360 region free? does chipping work?

no way yet … if you want to play blazblue on a 360 youll have to get a us/jp/asia one …
or just wait if it will be released in europe, which i doubt … maybe next year but it would surprise me :crybaby:

easiest way to play it in europe is getting the ps3 one

Cheers, thanks for all the info lads. Next game I’m ordering: Blazblue!

Im in Australia and have the US PS3 version. Works fine playing with Japanese.

Hey, I’m australian too.

It works well with americans peeps too. You get the occasional problems though.

So where did most of you guys (who aren’t in the US) order it from ?

im in the uk, i ordered it from which has been good to me with imports in the past

hasn’t arrived yet (dispatched on the 2nd because they were out of stock with the first batch.) but they usually get stuff to me within a week

It’s pretty good. There are quite a few UK/EU players and connection with a lot of US players is decent, solid netcode.

I ordered mine with the premium extras from Movietyme a few weeks ago when the price was 44. It’s now gone up to 70 :sad:.

There should be cheaper places to get it from though.

Dunno my little local shop order it for some ppl getting my version today.