Online Play Virgin


Hello everyone. First off thanks for opening this thread. Honestly speaking I’m not new to forums, so I know what it’s like to see just a title and skip it…lol

I am completely new to fighting communities like this though, but I really want to be a part of it. I’ve been playing fighting games for as long as any other guy, I’ve just never done it consistently enough to say I was “on the scene”. Also, I have never played online even once…

Except Bleach: Blade of Fate and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. And that was less than ten times total combined.

I have played a lot of fighters though, but I have no idea where I am on the radar, and I’m a tad sensitive about that, to be honest. So should I just jump in, or is there a chance I could be going into something I’ll regret?

I want to try KOF XIII, since I think the speed suits me better. I can actually pull that lk lk k shoryu to half-circle*2+frwd supercancel with Kula, and it only took a few hours of training, but that’s completely different from actually being able to fight, despite pulling it in combat(my brother’s the one who got me into KOF).

I’m inclined to play Street Fighter, because I grew up with 2 Turbo(which I immensely sucked at, mind you) and I like the characters, but should I buy Arcade or Ultra if I’m just getting into this? I’ve had my hand at 4 a microscopic number of times, and it doesn’t seem impossible but…I’m no data-geek who knows about frames and all that. So I’m not confident.

I have no idea what to do in regards to Tekken. I really like 6, is Tag Tournament 2 anything like it? Is it tournament worthy?

By the way, I want to get good and whatnot, but I think I’m going to ragtag it for a little while. Just ordered a jetpack from ebay. I know about the issue with latency, but my parents don’t want me getting cable internet(which I hear is superior in terms of twitch gaming, with fiber optics being the absolute best. None of which I can affo-well none of which I’m frugal enough to attempt right now), so mobile internet it is, albeit it’s 4G internet(I know for a fact signal is good over here…I think) Anybody got experience with that stuff?

Umm…that’s about it. Sorry for all the ranting and questions. It’s just I’m a talkative guy. :confused: I hope this turns out better than last time…(got trolled on a SSB forum and never came back -_-)


Welcome to the community , we all gotta start somewhere. I’d say go straight to ultra since its the most balanced/up to date. i’m still new myself.


Thanks. From what I heard they made some sensitive changes here and there, but balanced sounds nice. Only reason I have AE on mind is due to the fact that it’s readily available. I want to start as soon as possible.


If you wanna do Ultra it’s coming out in 3 days in Steam. Not too long a wait.


One thing to mention about your internet options. Since you want to play online, be prepared that some people may end up hating fighting against you, outright dodge you in lobbies, send you angry messages, etc… Since fighting games really are extremely sensitive to internet stability (more than any other genre) and - keep in mind what I said right there. Stability. Speed is mostly irrelevant. So be prepared for a possible lousy online experience, because you just can’t beat cable in that regard.

Not trying to deter you, just preparing you for what may very well happen.


@bypostman Thanks for the advice, decided on ebay-ing it for PS3.

@Larthy lol I always seem to be on hard mode… Yeah, no one likes laggers (including me). I don’t even have the device yet, so I don’t know for sure. Mobile wireless has some exaggerated statements on both ends, hopefully my situation isn’t totally in the red. I know it all depends on your ping rate, where cable gets you 10(optimal for fighting games) and mobile may actually get you 40 to 60. “They” suggest 10 for fighting games, so we’ll see how much hell I’ll get)

In any case, I’ll avoid online play if it gets too terrible. More than likely there’s someone with my situation here on this site who can cooperate with me…I hope. I mean, it can’t possibly be that every fighter online has perfect internet…right? @_@


Haha, sadly that is indeed not true. Most people have bad connections, incorrectly configured network or the distances are long enough to introduce issues.

Just find and befriend people that you have a smooth playing experience with, when you eventually get to it and you should be all set. =)


Phew, that’s reassuring, although sad. xD Thanks, I’ll do just that. : D


Where are you located? If you’re near enough, I’d like to add a KOF XIII player to my friends list (that and see how other people play Kula…).


I’m from SC. It might be a while before I have internet again though.