Online Play vs Offline Play

Hi guys,
So I just started playing SSF4 about a few weeks ago and I’d like to say that I’m fairly consistent with move execution when it comes to playing in training mode/ arcade. However, when I play online, my fireballs end up being punches and my tatsus end up being kicks. I also played online at my friend’s house as well and it seems to be an issue on his system as well. My question is, how different is online play vs offline play? Or is this just a matter of internet connection?

A lot of things factor in for me. I guess your connection has something to do with it as well. But you did mention starting SSF4 a few weeks ago. Have you played any other capcom fighter prior to this?

They’re different in terms of your ability to react, the timing of pretty much all your counters, anti-airs, and combos, and varies depending on distance to your opponent as well as internet connection. If you’re playing in the US, you’re usually pretty far away from the majority of your opponents, and most people have some shitty ISPs and internet speeds.

Consistency is also an issue. Since internet speed is variable at any given moment, the game’s performance will also be variable. Online play isn’t ideal, which is why online tournaments aren’t taken seriously, but it is a fantastic training tool.

Could it just be old fashioned nerves? I find if I’m too keen to land something in a match against a stranger I can slam a button down early. I’m often victim to the well know Ken Ultra/EX Srk mistake for example if I don’t finish my QCF before punching.

Theres also jitter as well. Even if you get passed finding a green connection
are you sure every packet is going to arrive with the same delay. If the router / gateway becomes congested
next packet could arrive with a much longer delay… messing up with combo timing. You also have longer to react
to things offline.

Theres lots of other factors on PC like graphics card rendering, is he using wired/wireless connection is he using high refresh rate monitor etc.

Ive have found superb connections here in UK as low as 5ms ping with some guys using the same ISP as me. But they are rare, out of 15,000 games
ive only encountered it about 10 times.

Anyway theres too much variable online, just use it for fun and matchup knowledge remember its not tournament standard!

There will ALWAYS be a difference between online and offline experience with ANY fighting game. This is NOT to be discussed.

Online is shit
Offline is awesome
Discussion over.