Online play: Wait time vs. play time sucks

When you suck as bad as I am at this game, it’s pretty standard to get blown up in a minute’s time per match. That’s fine, how else will you get better if you don’t play. But the thing is, I find it very difficult to play online due to the average time of going into a match in online (endless and ranked alike) is far too long compared to the gameplay itself.

On average:
A) You need to find a match
B) Check ping etc and hit ready
C) Load into a character selection screen
D) Select characters, and then gems
E) Pick map
F) Finally load into a game

I can see how some of these are necessary, like step B. But I feel like a lot of those steps can be ommitted. You can’t see what the opponent picks, so is there much of a need to go into character selection screen for a ranked match? Couldn’t you just pick your setup and queue and save everyone some time. At least in endless matches where I have zero intention of changing characters, do I really need to go back to character screens every time.

Between all these wait time, I think I must have a near 1:1 ratio of wait vs. play when spending my time online. I almost feel like I should have a book with me while playing online just to keep me company for all those idle moments.

Am I alone in feeling this way?

How are you searching for matches?

Try sticking arcade request mode on. Seems like you get a game in no time at all on arcade request.

When I play I usually just do a 1v1 lobby (unless if a friends online, in which case we do a 3-4 person lobby).

1v1 is the best way to play online imo anyway, you learn the most playing vs the same person, when someones actually learning your style and making adjustments while you are doing the same.

If you REALLY want to do ranked, take the above posts suggestion.

I think both ranked and endless are great for reasons that fit them. But it doesn’t change that fact that the wait time is helluva long. I wish they’d make some sort of change in the upcoming expansion of the game. It really doesn’t make much sense the way it is handled right now.

On a serious note

I feel your pain OP. I suck at this game too, but this is the way of the fighting game, you lose you wait.
im not that experienced, but is SFXT much worse than other fighting-games in this aspect?
IMO watching games in between losses can be usefull for match-up purposes.

just my 2cents

I agree that the time between matches can be painfully long. I think they chose the current method to cut down on how many error messages were displayed compared to SF4 when trying to pick an opponent. Almost invairably when choosing a ranked match in SF4 from the list of possible opponents, by the time you selected one with a good connection the session would no longer exist. Now the wait takes forever to get a prospective opponent but you’re almost guaranteed to get a match in if you see the screen pop up. Personally I prefer it this way, since I can read a book/play a portable game while the game searches.

As for improving at the game, it might help to look back while waiting and consider what it was that got you beat so badly in the previous fight, and try to think of a strategy for the next one. Better yet, remember the PSN id or Gamertag of the person who bodied you, then send him/her a message asking for tips or to join an endless lobby and do some real live training. :slight_smile:

Browse SRK in between matches.

Also if you’re looking for more play time, try endless battle instead.

Realizing that the endless matches of 1v1 format are faster rate of games than ranked, it’s still nowhere near the speed of hitting a replay button against another player in LAN setting. For example, Starcraft 2 doesn’t let you queue, then have you choose the races, then pick the maps. They let you sort that out before you queue to save time. It’s just a superior system.

I’m just curious why such option doesn’t exist, or any other ways to reduce the wait time. I mean, sure, with longer wait time you can think about your matches and whatever, and use that time in a productive manner as best as you can. But that option still exists if you have that replay button. You get the control the rate of the games as you wish.

I feel like the online experience of the game is not quite there yet.

Yeah I noticed I get games much faster by doing this. Plus instead of waiting to find an opponent you can at least sort of practice against the computer.

I still say that it was stupid to not include an online Player Match mode that gives you quick rematch like in UMVC3.

I disagree, in 1vs1 lobbies you get bad habbits cause you are used to that persons play style. In multi-player rooms not only do you get the spice of variety but you get to watch different play style which you should be thinking up of ways of countering when its your turn. Ive learned different setups, combos and tag in combinations like this.

I’ve always felt the same. I like how you can fight 2 of the same char back to back and not necessarily have the same type of fight.

They should allow you fight request any size endless from arcade/training like how player matches used to be in 4. That was by far the fastest way to play. Everything about this game is dumb

I just use Arcade Request, practice some timing while I wait.

OP is totally right and Its just so silly because this is a solved problem in other games. Ranked matches should work like this:
-No custom settings (round/time limit)
-No confirming opponent/ping (tune system to only match people with good connections)
-No stage selection (random)

You should just select ‘ranked play’ and it should match you and take you right to the character select screen. Play the game, MAYBE rematch option (that both players have to agree to) and that’s it. Leave the customization to player rooms.

I’m playing games between games on my iPad. The wait is ridiculous. :frowning:
What happened to the lobby list like SSFIV?

I actually don’t like the ranked lobby list that was in SSFIV. In ranked you shouldn’t have a choice in opponent, IMO. Although granted, the delay is pretty long between ranked matches now.

That said, while I have decided to play more ranked matches in this game, I much much much MUCH prefer endless lobbies. I generally set it for all but one private slot (so a random person either from my friend list or just in general can get in), and then play against friends or friends-of-friends, for this reason:

I dont understand why capcom didnt let you select from a list of players when playing rakned like sf4… (this way u see a list, there connection, and it loads up much much quicker) instead u get thrown into a random room that at times takes forever and u cant see there connection or shit till ur in there… like wtf?? u got this right in sf4 then missed it up in marvel 3 and this game… i want a list goddamnit not a quick game feature…

to be honest they had it right the first first time they did it all the way back to vanilla sf4 where u can play championship mode and eventually over time stop playing scrubs even (not saying people didnt boost or cheat and get pts they didnt deserver) but for the most part when u played championship mode and worked up the ranks back in vanilla sf4 u played much better players overtime as well…

speaking of vanilla sf4 i sure as hell mess those faces u can change… remember the smiley the angry face the sad face and i think the green one also… good old days

I hate it, too.

I also hate how you can’t filter Endless Battle for single-person lobbies. It’s infuriating when you just want to play an unending string of sets, regardless of whether you win or lose.

SFxT actually has worse lobby dynamics than AE. I don’t get it.

I also don’t understand why they don’t have an in-battle rematch option in 1v1 lobbies.

The 3ds version of sf4 even has a quick rematch option.