Online play

I am sorry if this is inappropriate, but I am desperate. Let’s start by saying I am a fighting game fanatic, primarily street fighter, but play MK as well, and a little bit of Smash Bros, and even Killer Instinct!

I am posting because I desparately want to play online. Obviously, the arcade is dead, and the people I played with years ago have moved away and such. I am down to only 2 friends who ca provide any type of competition, though they are not on my level; they’re just good enough to provide entertainment. Not too sound like a prick, but a lifetime of gaming has taken me beyond the general population.

Anyway, I have been trying for a while now, but I simply can’t figure out how to play online. I plead to fellow fighting game aficionado’s, to help me out.

For the record, I am using mame32 Plus, though I am willing to use any emulator or client neccasary. All I want is to know what I need to download to play online, then how to install it. Also, which servers to use.

So please, help me enjoy the closest thing to the arcade experience that is left.

(BTW, I am mainly interested in the Street Fighter Alpha series, primarily 2 and 3, and, if anyone still plays it, UMK3 and MK2. I also love the Street fighter 2 series,specifically Hyper Street fighter 2: The Anniversary edition, with CE and ST being tied as the best of the original SF2 series, however, I am not nearly as good at SF2 as I am at Alpha, or MK for that matter.

Again, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this(it probably is)

i would say this is an ideal place to post what you have. haning on srk will find you someone witht he same interests. as posted above, you can play the alpha series on a pretty good site. you can play some of teh other games on xbl or ps3. and … you problably need to invest in good arcade stick if you haven’t already. all of which can be found on

have fun and welcome.