Online play

i used to play most ppl <150 ping, but i noticed 2 things. a newb can kick my ass hard if all my parries are just outside the window cus of lag, and laggy jin sucks dick. is this shit even worth it in a game over 60-70 ping? my yun keeps gettin stronger outside of genei and even better for opening the genei (ie popping them up.) but i always drop them now >_<…furry n rage. my urien is fine with lag then i cant do a basic 3 tackle combo after i catch em with a air fireball if the game is lagless(ps\arcade)… akumas now always struggling with the demon now which i had mastered (not tkd mind you).

imo the pros and cons are obvious…mindgames vs execution…but at my level…wtf is one without the other. my closest competition is wall and smooth which is great, except their an hour away and i dont have a car right now. i know alot of ppl are in this position and need online to get better but it seems to me that if theres any noticeable lag it like the antiswagger which is not so beneficial come tourney time.

i must get better…grrrrr this game pisses me off… ive hit another fucking wall. if i just play low ping games…theres like 5 ppl on 2df with low enough ping who are mostly away\playing when i check. if i keep playing whoever i may never pass this wall, idk. btw th moral of this story is dont play laggy games if you must play online lol