Online price guides for comic collections?

Can anyone point me in the direction towards finding an online guide? I don’t want to spend $40.00 on a guide at the bookstore, I just need to know what my X-MEN collection is worth. :confused:

I’m looking to sell my entire collection, starting about #119 to #349 of Uncanny, and 1 to 78 of Jim Lee’s run plus all the Annuals, SE’s, one-shots and various mini series that came out during those years.

I don’t want to take this stuff to a dealer 'cause they’ll only offer me about 30-40% of what’s it’s worth in all.

That’s a helluva collection…I’ve got a friend whose collection extends back to around #78.

it is hella impressive…

of course, for pricing, I dunno…I’ve been looking for a place to price my books as well…

1-78 = 20 bucks, maybe

the older uncanny books will be a little more

what’s up smb, I’ll have to look up my links but IIRC I think i have one I used as reference. I’ll notify you beforehand unless someone beats me to it.

One thing you could do is check eBay. Do a search for completed listings and you can sort of get an idea of the approximate value of the comics. Pragmatically, this helps you see how much people would actually be willing to pay for your stuff, and how much you should ask for. It’s disappointing sometimes when you check a price guide and nobody actually wants to buy it for the listed price.