Online rank titles?

Cant find it anywhere, does anyone know all of the rank title names? ie, scout ranger lord and so on. What order do they go in?

Scout = Lots of TACs or switching.
Ranger = Almost never block, lose a lot. Getting this rank usually means you’re on a big losing streak.
Lord = Standard. Wins/Losses are normal.

I rarely see the others so I don’t know what they mean.

[LEFT]Lord - Stability is your highest stat[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Guard - Basic Defense[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Judge - Advanced Defense[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Scout - Advanced Offense[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Ranger - Basic Offense[/LEFT]

Thanks guys! And cosmic lord is just the best im assuming? lol

High, Mighty, then Cosmic.
I believe; pretty sure.