Online room etiquette


I don’t know if there is a standardized set of procedures for online rooms… so I thought I would start this thread for people to add to.
[*]If you randomly end up in a room (quick or custom) and you win… give about 5 or 6 seconds so people can leave the room if they feel they are overmatched for the room and/or for their next opponent before you begin the next match… This way, people don’t have to mess up the whole room with lag/drop due to dropping mid-match. Gives people a chance to send a quick msg, too.

[*]If you have a headphone, try not to randomly sing, rap or jawjack just for nothing. I actually think some people are doing this to help keep their opponent from hearing ciritical in-game audio. I dunno…

[*](Possible PSN-only) Don’t send messages to people mid-match - especially if they are on right side (player 2). The notification shows up over p2’s lifebars, and this can be distracting in the middle of an intense match. Also happens when friends join - which you can’t do anything about. I hate this!

[*]If somebody is totally unresponsive at the beginning of a match - it’s probably because they are trying to wrap up a quick message. Back off; they will indicate with movement when they are ready to begin the match.

[*][Unofficial:] If I respect a player… I will walk backwards or crouch-block after I have beaten them. Take this as “gg”.
Feel free to add your own… mine are PSN-specific, so indicate if yours are PSN, 360 or both. Thanks.


Please leave the room if you are afk. I run into a lot of people who leave IRL but not in the game, so when their turn comes up, we have to wait for auto select to pick their characters. That shit is mad inconsiderate. Especially if you are in a room with 4+ people.


I’ve always said, “when you leave the room, leave the room”.

Also, those are good rules. They should show up in the startup screen.


fuck that, theyre just dead. i aint got time for that shit. then they need to be replying to a message on the character select screen before choosing their assist option on the last character. so if time runs out they still have the team they want. you wanna write stories, then take an L, and wait your turn again.

i usually just hit start and stand there or i dont do anything. not out of respect, i just dont care to try to style. its all business online. i dont taunt. sometimes if im still getting warmed up i will dive kick a motherfucker after death a few times, but not out of disrespect. i hate those assholes who taunt mid round like theyre good as fuck, and get smashed. 99% of the people i see taunt during the match are not good at all. i message them, “i guess taunting didnt work out for you”. shit annoys me for some reason.

some reason i get annoyed when people wait for me to pick. how the fuck dont you know that i might want to test my low tier team against your team scrub. just pick who you want. i dont need to counter pick. lets play. im still gonna most likely dust you off anyways. i ocv decent players with rogue vs their team scrub. i dont care. lets play, win or lose, lets go. i know sometimes good players will try to balance out the match, especially if both of you know your pretty good, as to have a good match, but sometimes i just dont care. just pick


More online room etiquette:[LIST]

[]If you invite me to join a room… give me a few minutes to finish my match/room up. Just because you signed on doesn’t mean I am sitting around waiting to get invited to something. I have probably joined a random friendly room or quick scoreboard match to kill time. Sometimes people want a re and don’t give you a chance to get out of the room. Don’t spam me with join messages, because you’re fcking up my current game. Gimme 3 or 4 minutes plz; thx.

[*]If you’ve created a room… give about 4 or 5 minutes before you kill the room and do what I did above. I don’t expect you to wait all day… but don’t expect me to necessarily join in 5 or 10 seconds. Again, I’m probably playing. I’m not scared of you. I will join after a few minutes if I can. Thx.