Online Scrub Tactics#1 Throw Spam

Hey guys I play Ibuki and im at 1500 pp and the people I play at my lvl just throw spam.
Like jp.HK throw lp.throw I try to tech the throw or plink the throw and they still throw me. Or when I start up ibuki mix-ups or mind games the just mash throw and get it. Can I get some help this is worst issue then random shoryu’s.

I know what u mean man but throwing is always going to be a problem if you can’t zone them out or anticipate the throw. I play as Ibuki too and try to stuff every jump in with agemen (back mp). Work on your throw techs and option selects and you’ll be alright. Unfortunately playing online will always introduce input issues that prevent you from getting your moves out. Gotta watch out for her vortex too cuz if you mess it up you’ll get dragon punched every time.

protip: only scrubs complain about getting thrown. theres literally nothing wrong with throwing a lot. Part of the benefit of throwing a lot is making sure the other person gets frustrated.

learn how to crouch tech, learn matchups, and start to analyze things people do before they come in for a throw. the only way to do this is experience and that comes from trial and error.

anytime both players goto the ground from the air is a good time to tech, anytime someone walks up to you, thats a tech. on wakeup, crouch tech.

First and foremost, practice. Also, don’t mash throw even if you think one is coming. Analyze your opponent and press it when they would. If a play has a habit of jumping hp, cr. lk, cr. lp, throw; then simply wait until the first lp and then hit throw yourself. Never and I mean “NEVER” mash. Your problem might be lag which I can not help you with. Also, I believe Ibuki’s forward mk counts as her being in the air so that should beat out throws aswell. I don’t play Ibuki so someone please correct me if I’m wrong. Best of luck!

People are gonna flame me but if you have a te stick, put turbo on lp and lk and you’ll never get thrown again :smiley:

basically when im in block string, i just hold down lp+lk and it auto techs when they go for it, or if they’re too slow, lk comes out.

the only reason I do it is because you cant tech throws properly with lag in play. its just frustrating when you KNOW youve teched the throw, but due to lag, you still get thrown. So to avoid it, i’ll just counter lag with turbo.

Popele will get angry, but its your game and if they didn’t want it in the game, they wouldn’t have included it.

Learn to tech? And how are you going to call people scrubs when you have 1500 PP?

terrible advice and terrible reasoning.
don’t build bad habits because you think you’re entitled to something.
learn to tech properly, or time a reversal.

Watch your replay then go to training mode and recreate the scence. Practice on where to tech then do it - if you screw it you’ll get throw :woot:. I play mostly online and while people complain about lag it is NOT that crippling 99% of the time. Sometimes you can ‘feel’ it - but mostly its just a bit slower than offline matches. In my experience this doesn’t prevent you getting ‘a lot’ of things out - mostly it teaches you to execute a bit slower and you need a few matches offline to ‘speed up’ your hands before you can get thing right again (remember this and try to get a few hours of casuals in before you play tourney).

Hit me up and I’m happy to do tech practice sometime - I certainly need it.


PS - I used to tell myself ‘lag’ stopped me winning. If you say it more than once in a four hour session its not lag its your lack of skill. Face the facts and just level up.

you must play really fucking shitty competition if this doesnt get you hit all day

You try to plink throws?

Anyways, what you’re describing are tick throws. Perfectly acceptable technique, brutal combined woth frame traps.

I would say press just after. The main reason I get thrown when I know it’s coming is because I try to tech the exact moment they try to throw, as if I’m the one tick throwing. My crouch tech comes out too quickly and I get thrown as a result.


Even with standing techs, mashing tech is the only reliable way to tech online. Like with mashing crouchtech, this runs the risk of getting you counterhit. It’s for this exact reason that over-reliance on throws, especially when mixed with mashed SRK (every online Adon ever), actually is cheap – that’s not mindgames or even tickthrowing, that’s just flat lag abuse. I’m surprised this had to be explained to some of you.

What ISN’T cheap is mashing throw like in the example of the OP trying to set up Ibuki’s vortex. Throws don’t have invul frames like SRKs do, and one can be easily hit out of throw startup. Hence getting counterhit when mashing throw. If you get thrown like this, it’s because there’s a huge 3-frame gap in whatever it is you’re doing. That’s not cheap, that’s just framedata.

When it’s off a jumpin, there are two possibilities. If the throw always comes after the jumpin regardless of whether it hits or not, they’re throw whoring. If it’s off a blocked jumpin, then it’s entirely likely that they’re actually just expecting YOU to throw and are trying to tech that, but end up throwing you since you’re not. That’s not cheap, that’s framedata again, especially if you’re playing a character that doesn’t have either a reversal or a crouching normal that starts up in 3 frames.

If the jumpin is blocked and they throw after another blocked jab, that’s a tick throw. Also not cheap. If the jumpin hits and they throw, it’s either a misguided mixup, a jumpin they weren’t expecting to hit, or a bid for an untechable KD. All still not cheap.

P.S. Ibuki’s vortex is so easymode it’s not even funny. If you’re having problems with throws while doing it, that’s a timing problem.

you are correct

LMAO I hope I can run into the scrubs you run into in ranked so I can raise my BP & PP no problem… I guess because I always search for higher skilled players I dont get that luxury…

Something tells me you couldnt tech a throw offline either unless you used turbo…

If you’re getting thrown out of your mix ups then they aren’t solid.

If they’re tick throwing you then you have to get better at reading the throw.

Throw range really isnt that far, stand outside of throw range if you know they have a tendancy to always fall back on it. This will cause them to whiff throws and you’ll obviously be ready for the punish.