Online signups are closed


The superbowl starts on Friday!


what if i legally change it? loophole imo.


Clearly, that is not enough time.


What if I’m this guy?


Or if you have your mom call MrWizard’s cell phone and complain. :rofl:


Judt so my mom knows, what is Mr. Wizards cell phone number? She wants those digits.


Oh, I didn’t notice this until I came in here. Good thing I checked. Should be an announcement, imo.


Do you plan on releasing the number of registrants sometime before Evo?


yes after signups close, we will release the brackets and numbers.


Hey, I talked to inkblot at a fuddruckers tournament about signing up for a game after I already registered ( I wanted to add brawl) and he said to email you but I never got a response can you PM me about this please thanks.


is there a way to check if i registered?

i did it so long ago, i’m kind of paranoid if i did register or not.


i posted this in the other thread but i’ll post it again in here. do we have to print out a copy of the paypal receipt for proof?


You don’t have to…but I’d suggest doing it anyway.
Justin Case.


you can use this tool to confirm


Nice tool. I didn’t even know I was registered for HDR.


cool thx!


Yeah thanks, exactly what I was looking for.


It only works for me if I don’t put in an e-mail haha took me a while to figure it out too.


The srk homepage says last day to register is the 10th please clarify. :looney:. Thanks.