Online Sportsmanship

(Sorry If this is the wrong section, I thought about General SF4, but that was all character Strategies. Please move is needed.) Sorry ahead of time for the long novel, but I did use Puncuation and paragraphs :wink: .

Hello, I recently went online for SF4 on the ps3 and had my first match. Now I am no pro or anything, far from it actually. But When I played my first match and after losing horribly (He still had probably 75_85% of his health left after both rounds.) I got a mail from the guy saying how I was cheap for for doing a jump kick into a grab. Saying that if I needed to resort to that that I don’t belong online (I cleaned it up as it was a lot of caps, language and the learn to play repertoire.) So I sent him a message saying it was my first game and that I didn’t know things like that was consider unsportsmanlike.

So I went to play him again and didn’t do that again, I lost the first match again with about the same result. Then during the second round, we were fighting and he stopped moving (I found it odd that I was getting so lucky with my hits.) So I noticed he wasn’t moving or anything, so I backed off and waited (Thinking he might be having lag or other issues, I’m not going to hit a lagging or afk guy.) Then he starts moving again and proceeded to fight and he won. I did grab him once or twice during our two rounds.

I get another message saying that I am just trying to piss him off and the usual language and learn to play. I send him a message that I didn’t do any of the cheap stuff he told me about and just walked up and grabbed him. He then replies that I am a bastard because I walked up to him and grabbed him. He said “Was I open, No. Are you a Grappler, No. Stop sending messages to me and I’m reporting you.” I sent him 4 messages that were calm and thought out. He sent 6 that were, well… I’'m sure you all know.

By the way I was playing Cammy and him Guile. So my questions are:

  1. Is it wrong to use grabs if your not a grappler?
  2. What is considered cheap to do online?
  3. Is there a list of don’t do’s as certain characters.
  4. Is everyone like that now or are there still level headed people online.

he is a scrub. everything i’m reading here goes hand-in-hand with bad sportsmanship.

  1. No.

  2. Everything if you ask the wrong person, but the real response is simply “nothing”. Nothing is cheap.

  3. Absolutely not, in terms of “cheapness”. If you’re looking for a list of stuff you should and shouldn’t do in a match as Cammy, for the sake of winning, go check out the SF4 character-specific section and read up on some match-up and general discussions.

  4. There are still level-headed people online, but the majority of the people you find in ranked and championship (particularly G3) are more than likely crybabies.

Best advice is to ignore it completely.

Most of the guys you play here on SRK are worthy… add any of them and they will help you with your game… unlike the guy you just played because he’s a perfect example of a scrub. What was this guy’s name that you played… you’ll most likely find him the BG thread.

Check the GG’s thread… and make some real friends.

Needless to say its the internet. There are always gonna be scrubs, haters an plain out poor losers, and i mean even some people who talk crap and or do cheap stuff juss to piss you off an throw you off your game. No need to get heated(or take it personal) or wonder why, juss get on have fun an look past all the bs.

Send messages back like

“Sorry I just press buttons…
XOXO - Jessica”

That usually helps


Lol a while back i had a picture of a poster that said “You Fail”, sendin those back at the hatas made my day!!:rofl:

I like that option, just press buttons. Yeah I’m glad to hear there are some good players still online. This wasn’t even a ranked match, just a player match. His name was SS-DasReich from America. I looked around a bit in the Cammy section before work and learned there is a lot to this game to understand, like what is a crossover. This is just a very different fighter than im used to. But I really like its feel and enjoyability. If anyone would like to play my psn name is the same as my name here. I’ll be looking into the that Good Guy’s thread. I just want to have some fun and good matches, I really don’t care if I lose.

EDIT:: Also, How do you join the rooms I see everyone talking about? If I remember correctly all I see is custom matches and ranked.

Dasreich or SS-pansycorp claims to be a white-supremacist and sends hate-mail with an almost obsessive compulsive disorder sufferers frequency. :rofl: He’s provided a few people on PSN with a laugh.

Anyone worth your time won’t whine about cheapness; really for many SF players that whole debate was settled before we owned PC’s and certainly before SF games ever hit the internet.

As a whole this “cheapness” trend is something that’s stemmed from when Street Fighter met the internet and a few players got their ego’s bruised. It’s SF IV meets the Halo generation where the game has been adopted by twits with the co-ordination of a drunken Howler Monkey expecting an easy ride of a game.

Keep it up anyway. Hate-mail is almost a badge of honour and a sign that you’re improving as a player when you start getting it in Championship mode. :tup:

Don’t let them tell you “playing fair” was the old school way either. Sometimes a disgruntled 30 year old social sciences student will claim this was how it was back then, when in reality you never had it so good and in any community worth being part of to do with the older games, it was anything goes.

Find yourself a decent bunch of players, stick them on your friends-list and they’ll show you how ineffective these “cheap” tactics really are and really show up how misguided some of the online community is.

O.k. Cool, glad to know I’m not doing anything incorrect here. I’ll defiantly keep at it and hope to see some of you guys online.

Yea…mostly, but then again the most bullshit experiences I’ve had online have been against SRK people.

Man don’t pay attention to little sourpusses playing online. You won, If you were worse than him he would have been able to beat you.

I can’t even count the hatemail i have received playing Marvel.

Thats the thing, he beat me and still sent hate mail, lol.

At the end o fthe dau this is a fighting game and you should do whatever it takes to win if the guy cant adapt to that then screw him. Just do what ever you want in a fight there is no such thing as cheap in this game.

This shouldnt need to be answered but ill try.

  1. NO. Why would it be?
  2. Nothing accept for maybe pulling your cable before a loss or purposely creating lag. But nothing is CHEAP in SF4 or any other fighting game. If you are dealing with people who believe this, they suck and you will not get better from learning from them.
  3. There is no list of donts but there are a millions of do’s. Check the character specific forums in the street fighter 4 threads on the main page.
  4. A lot of scrubs online and offline, just like anything else.

I been called a p***Y grab king in sf4 by someone… i rofl so hard… there is no such thing as cheap or cheating unless your using a lag switch

sportsmanship in my street fighter? haha, scrubs are all over street fighter, just learn to play around with them like what jeremy suggested

bolded for importance

I’ve been sent hate mail, like you, after a horrible loss. These kind of people live to start crap, eitehr when they lose to a better player & whine, or pick on someone they think they are better than. In all honesty, if he doesn’t say anything, you don’t even remember him at the end of the nite. He just wants to a reaction out of you that brings him attention.

That being said, I hate the jumping-attack-into-a-throw manuever. Correct me if I’m wrong, but part of the reason that works is b/c my character gets ‘frozen’ in the block stance & can’t do anything for a short period of time. Meanwhile, my attacker can easily throw me while I’m 'frozen there. That is part of the game and, IMO, someone who does that over is taking advantage of the situation. Does Capcom keep that part of the game on purpose or is it something that can’t change? I don’t know.

Nonetheless, any player attempting to do that can easily get punished by continually jumping in. Guile has tons of counters for aerial attacks that will prevent you from ever doing that to him over & over. Even the best players in the world won’t get caught in that trap more than once. It was simply a weakness in your opponent’s game, and he didn’t like you exposing it. Maybe with maturity, he’ll get rid of that weakness in his game.

there’s always going to be some people who lack sportsmanship. People will do whatever it takes to win. There will always be spammers! XD