Online store implements world's first Internet Explorer 7 tax Or This is why you always leave a note


Finally someone takes a stand against injustice in the form of terrible browsers.



Great idea, love the little message that comes with it too.


hah pretty clever!


I wonder what would occur if I used the browser I have here at work… a whole version OLDER.:bluu:


Looks like I’ll be using IE6 to browse this site



Wonder if I can use netscape from 1999 or something?


Will people using Safari on Windows get taxed?


Should just apply the tax to Internet Explorer as a whole.


IE8 is pretty standards compliant iirc. Don’t judge new IE based on old IE6/7 hate!


I’m not judging it based on its version number. I’m judging it based on the fact that it’s Internet Explorer.


IE has improved a LOT since 7. I almost like it better than FF :x


I stopped using Windows months ago so I have no idea what IE8 has in comparison to IE7. If they finally made it standards-compliant, great, about time.

But it’s still Microsoft and therefore sucks ass.

Straight bias, homie.


lol fair enough


We had a chat about this on in MvC:OTT a few days ago,

Proud to be Australian right now, lets hope others follow their lead


As long as you’re not using Mac OS they are all total garbage, open OS are ok but you really have to work to get even the smallest problem fixed.

Mac is like the devils greatest trick, convincing the suckers it’s not trash.

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