Online streaming setups, need some suggestions


OK, some friends and I want to put out a good quality stream of us playing some ssf4/other random games, and I wanted some input on hardware/software to do this with. From what I gather, everything we will need will include an hd capture device, webcam to show us playing, audio mixer for both direct sound from the game as well as microphones for us to talk into, and some software that can handle picture in picture, text overlay, and of course streaming to sites like ustream and

I’ve already found some good software, vidblaster, but that’s pretty expensive to use unless we want to live with the crappy watermark. any software suggestions for being able to to multiple input devices (capture device and webcam at the least), picture in picture, all that good stuff would be awesome.

My main question is about the capture device though. I bought a hauppage hd-pvr today, however when I got it home I found that it doesn’t want to play nice with any of the software I have used (vidblaster shows black screen/no audio, flash media encoder says it’s not connected or is in use), and from what I can see the only way to get it to work is to have the preview window open on the desktop, use a program like VHScrCap to select that preview section of the screen, and send that to the broadcasting software. All of this seems very convoluted and I would love to find something that would natively send whatever is coming from the xbox (via hdmi or component, probably component because of hdcp shenanigans) straight into something like vidblaster.

So, I know, tl;dr, but any suggestions would be awesome


shameless self bump, any thoughts?


You can use LiveStream’s software<Procaster, comes with picture and picture, But you can only use it with there stream site but it runs really well.