Online system preference

just wanted to know what most players here play on? xbox live or psn? thanks for any replies in advance

I play on Xbox live; That started as a “because it’s the system I have” decision, and has since become a preference now that I have both.

yeah i completely agree about xbox online being optimal. is there like a good amount of players? i had vanilla blazblue on xbox and i really liked it far more than street fighter 4 but no one in toronto really plays so i gave up…theres a random scene like 45 minutes from my house at an acrade but im not going all the way up there lol

but yeah main concern is if you can actually get a match on there?

I haven’t had any problems finding matches online on XBL. Of course, the accepted best way to play the game is to meet people with good connections and then friend them and just do player matches with them so you know you’ve got a low lag sort of situation going on, but that does require you to play enough ‘random folks’ to meet people to whom you have a good connection.

Uhm, anyway, yeah, I live in Massachusetts, and I haven’t had any problems finding folks to play against, even at fairly random times of day. And hopefully that’ll get even better if Extend brings in more new players. OTOH, if it just fragments the community, who knows.

PS3 for me, I used to play AE on PC but I wanted to expand to learn other fighters, and mainly picked PS3 due to the fact it has free internet. There always seems to be someone to play. Haven’t had any arsey message yet (Well, one, but it was just a Hazama player being a troll, go figure.) Most people I’ve messaged have been happy to give tips and whatnot.

oh wow ok, im lookin gfor more of the random folks which would make that perfect. i just figured that not many people played teh game due to tournament attendence…guess its just that too many people play marvel

To paraphrase the immortal words of someone really stupid: “BlazBlue players don’t go to tournaments because the netcode is too good.”


rofl thats too good

It’s sad but true. I’ve had a harder time finding matches as CS2 trails off but I’d go out on a limb and say that’ll rectify itself for at least a few months once Extend drops next month. Re: the OP, I’d say BB is more of an even split than other games, where Marvel/SF I’d say have a much more robust amount of brobox players than what are on PSN.

I play on PSN, I don’t generally play online (servers in Australia are dead) but I’m happy to meet people over PSN in order to arrange match ups.