Online Tekken 6 Tournament


Tekken Tantrum Tournament hosted by 2Solid.

Go to to sign up.

1st Prize: $100.00
2nd Prize: $50.00
3rd Prize: 3 mnth Xbox Live

Online (Xbox 360 Only)
32 Man Double Elimination
99 seconds
Normal Health
Best of 3 matches
Best of 5 matches (Finals)
(Sign up Gamer tag and your character)
Date: Saturday November 14 800PM EASTERN
Registration: Free

Post your gamertag and characters. More info is here as well:


Man I hope this is regoinal because playing east to west is shaky as hell with the netcode.


Haha. From what I read about the netcode. But this tournament is more just a test to see how many people are actually interested in a online T6 tournament. I mean you have no fee to register plus you win money. ONLINE TACTICS!! FTW! Better implement that into your play style haha. JK. Don’t be a encouraged by those words. Online tactics = bad.


You might’ve been better off posting this in the XBL subforum. Most people who go to the Tournament section don’t want to enter online tournaments with lag and all.


Ahhhh. Was just giving it a try. I guess I’ll put it in the sub forums as well. Thanks Monkey. For being a member for about a year, I don’t know jack about the forums. :stuck_out_tongue: How can I request for a mod to delete this thread?