Online Tournaments!

Hey everyone. Seeing as tournament mode was just released, I came lurking on the forums in hopes of finding some sort of “Tournament mode thread”…couldn’t find one, so I made my own. I’ve been playing tournament mode like crazy since it came out (was up all night until 8 am yesterday:confused:) Lol. It’s 100 times funner when everyone has a headset and decides to stay in the room once the tourney has concluded so you can go at it again without having to wait for some scrubs to enter.

Anyway, I’m in the Northeast (Philly to be exact). If anyone who’s also in the NE wants to play tournament mode, hit me up and we can get it started. Facing off against familiar players is awesome. We can make it like a weekly thing or something? I’m online usually every night and put in about 2-3 hours of play at the minimum every night. I main Guile. Secondary chars are Ryu, Dee Jay, Ken. Defnitely not a scrub, but not a high level player either. I’m hovering at about 3000 PP. Anyone who’s down hit me up on xbox live, or just reply to this thread as I’ll be checking it repeatedly. Reply with your gamertag, location,and whether or not you have a headset. I’ll add you to my list and host the tournaments. Xbox live only.

My gamertag is: sunnyklair84

Well, there are more than enough players lurking around on SSFIV,
but it’s hard to find decent, legit players.

So, I’ll sign up.

Handle: Engravings
Location: Raleigh, NC
Headset: Yes

XBL GT: Prawr

XBL GT: The Rage VII

awesome. Adding you all tonight. Keep em comin!

I’ve got RROD right now, but I’ll have my Xbox fixed tomorrow hopefully.

GT: Edge4o7

XBL GT- AlexDaGrt1914

Make sure you guys check out my “Yo Momma” Tournaments that i run.

XBL GT - SeanxRikkuxFayt