Online Tournaments?


I’m thinking of putting together a series of tournaments online and have some nice prizes to boot.

What I was wondering, is the fact that I don’t see online tournaments listed very often and I can only assume there is a reason for that.

I would love any input on this, why it wouldn’t be a good idea, or past experiences of why it doesn’t work.

Also any idea for the tournament if you think it’s a good idea. Rules, etc. Plus something we can expand on with the release of HD:Remix and SFIV.

Thanks All



thats because online tournaments and results are posted in the online forums. this is mainly for offline tournaments



Sorry about that :).


Fighting games just don’t lend themselves as well to online play as other genres, since many of them require inputs within a certain tiny fraction of a second. GGPO and the neoFBA emulator have helped make online a decent enough environment for casuals and learning, but it still doesn’t inspire the 100% confidence you need to run a serious tournament.

Some people do run online tournaments just for fun, though, and hopefully they will offer suggestions.



Thanks Josh,
I figured it had something to do with the input lag.


I rather call it “The Emil Cup”


lol too fucking good.


Here’s how I do it:

Last one got 64 signups. Its just for fun though, since online adds more randomness to the equation.