Online tournies for SF4



Has anyone had any of these on 360? I run tournies frequently on psn and if anyone is interested I can run 32-man brackets here for SF4 (HD Remix as well).


dude i would be so down for that


I would probally be knocked out of it simply by my eratic work schedule but I would be interested in it if I could somehow work it out. Not HD remix though, I don’t have that one on 360


I’m down for a game or two.


I am a member of a site called (for 25 and up) and we are about to finish our first Online SFIV League. We will also be doing some tournys’ for site members and maybe some public ones also…

If you’re old enough and are interested check out the site then PM me…


There will be a tournament coming up for SFIV on April 15th from CEVO. If you’re interested go ahead and go to the thread in this forum/tournament forum or

Just click on the SFIV banner, make an account, make a team, have a password for your team, and join the event.

I’m also down for any other tournaments as well. . . .CHUN WANTS TO KICK YOU!!!


I’d be down for a SF4 tourney. :slight_smile:


I’m down for some tourney action :slight_smile:


If it were a weekend event I might be able to make it.


I’d be down

I’d be down and my friend who plays on the same xbox live account would as well.

since there are 2 diff. players that play on my acct. i dunno how that would work other than an honor system that we would only play our assigned games… You could also verify that we are only playing our assigned matches thru the mic as well.


Word Up!


I think my roommate and I would be down for something like this.


I too would be up for a tourney. Gamertag is the same as my username.


ok cool, usually the way I do do it is standard rules etc, but you need mirc or a IM client so you can keep up to date. Ill set something up when i get off of leave.




I will play (badly) any time is good for me