Online Tourny Results For 4-2-08! Grats Somnus!

Full bracket -

Results -

smash bros brawl
16-man bracket

1 Somnus
2 Zoo
3 LordLocke
4 damned (ulyre)
5 Alpha
5 Trophy
7 d4ba
7 Pin
9 UltraD_jinwoo
9 Kesh (Forfeited)
9 Wallace (Forfeited)
9 Giza
13 CaliPower (Forfeited)
13 UltraD
13 PimpWilly
13 Zan-Kun

Hey everyone, there will be an online tourny tonight at 5pm CENTRAL standard time, run by myself.

Please join #srkbrawl on efnet before it starts, and we’ll setup our own channel for the event.

REQUIREMENTS: You MUST be able to be on your wii and on IRC at the same time. You MUST have all stages and characters unlocked to join. No exceptions.

RULES: Double elimination
3 of 5 matches
2 stocks 3 minutes
all items on medium spawn
all stages allowed, no custom stages
1st round is random stage
Loser then may elect to either change his character (and the next stage is random) OR chose the next stage, never both.

Random stages will be assigned, unles you feel okay using the honor system with your opponent. Remember, excuses are banned… but we are trying to find things that BREAK the game, so pair your character with great stages and be CHEAP AS POSSIBLE.

C-ya tonight.

I’m in unless something comes up. I will be sure to let you guys know ahead of time if that happens though.

Thanks for running this, I’ll probably set up my next tourney (no items) this coming sat morning (PST)

I just realized my time zone counting is terrible and I’ll be at work still, so good luck guys:)

I’ll try to make this, but i can’t have dinner until 5pm CST, so hunger will most likely beat out smash bros.


I’ll try to make this also.

I’ll be there, assuming I can figure out when 5 CST actually is

I’m actually off today. Let’s party!

3 pm PST

Hm, think I’ll join as well.

So it’s in like an hour and a half.

I guess I can get this done before I go to work, though I should be doing other things…

I’m in.

I’m in.

Good luck to everyone! I’ll be cheering you on in spirit from behind my desk at work!

GGs to everyone I played, and CG to Somnus, excellent job man. Was fun, even though I do think I see some merit to the items are broken argument. Oh well, more testing to be done, more tourneys to have. :tup:

Somnus beat me in the finals so i’m not saying it would be completely different without items but items did play a large role in me dying lol

Twice in 2 matches a bomb spawned in my face while I was in the middle of a jump and killed me (which even I laughed at). The assist trophy of those 2 flying faeries that fly all over the screen killed me a few times, IMO they’re 100% unavoidable and are one of the very few items that are outright broken/ban worthy as far as tournament brawl is concerned.

Once again the dragoon killed me twice:wasted: My own scrubby escape tactics didn’t work, I don’t know if it should be banned or not especially since you need all 3 pieces to use it but when using a heavy guy like bowser or a super floaty guy like mk it’s hard to avoid IMO.

GG’s everyone in the tourney:tup:

I’m surprised I got so far with Diddy Kong…
I think I’m going to keep the blue ape.
Gg’s to everyone … there were some item situations that I would talk about, but I already forgot what I did, what my opponent did, what the map did, or what the item spawn did that was ridiculous.
Hopefully my matches get up so I can show people what I’m talking about.