Online Tourny...

Make It Happen!!

I’d be interested in a wifi tourney so we should get the ground rules set out and then see how many people would be willing to play which I hope would be everyone on this thread.

5minutes, 3stock, items and smash balls and all levels?

Sounds cool.
No items! Not sure about the stages…

How is the lag still?

I seem to keep having problems connecting to games. And even my friend who is a few miles away, we had lag on the Lylat Cruise stages (probably with all the crap going on in the background).

it’d have to be like a regional tourny or something cause nintendo’s servers are garbage right now.

Yeah, that stage lags. I was disconnected when something blew up in the bg lol.

I was able to play tonight with Little to no lag, it should get better in the coming weeks.

smash balls ON

Coin Battle, 4 minute time limit.

I only get lag with certain people on my list, i.e. somethings not smooth on their side. As I’ve stated many times before, distance has nothing to do with having lag, or not.

And I’m down for a tournament, of sorts.

4 Stock, some kind of time limit, Smash Balls, Items (sans Tomatoes, Hearts, and other healing items, Hammers, and other similar items).

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ what he said 'sept 6 minute time limit. this way pokemon trainer users won’t have to bitch for whatever reason.

i dunno it should be three minutes 3 stock so matches could be recorded for those of us who don’t own video cameras and all that other fancy equipment

Everyone needs to “sign up”. Just post if you’re interested in participating in an upcoming Wi-Fi tourney. Nothing big, or major. Just a group of us testing the waters, and seeing where everyone is at the moment.

Everyone will have to post their Brawl Code, along with their online nick.

I think we can all agree on Timed Matches, 2-4 stock. Items I’ll leave them up for yall decide (oh brother). I’ll start.

Handle - SHADE
Brawl Code - 3866-7682-9705

Handle: O.ZOO
brawl code: 1160-9451-8692

I’m in.

Handle - ANA
Brawl Code - 3995-6207-0745

I’d vote for having Smash Balls on…

I’m down,

Handle - Angry
Brawl Code - 2062-8815-3253

I would be game for that…but I have some problems with some players (mainly White Shadow) where we can’t connect to eachother, so I dunno if I’d be able to actually participate…

Anyway, 0860-2923-0192 is the code, SMAK is the handle.

Have fun guys.


FUN is Banned. Play to win only.

Here guys, i’m going to try to run a tourny tomorrow

Feel free to post comments/suggestions/concerns also. More that we can figure out beforehand, less surprises we’ll have (hopefully).