Online Training Mode Mod (is it possible?)


I was wondering if it would be possible to make a mod that allows training mode to be online or make endless mode have infinite hp/meter etc. It would make it so much easier to do execution training with people instead of being a training dummy in endless (since there’s limited time/meter/health)

I would test if I knew how to code this kind of stuff, but I don’t, so I’m asking SRK :frowning:




SFXT you can(briefing room), not SFAE


It’s possible, just not worth it. You’d operate with the same premise of Koryu Edition, and have all interacting players using a modified client.

However, the problem here is that it’s so vastly inefficient and changing all the necessary values takes a lot of work. It’s not worth the effort.


Yes there is.
Download a trainer with unlimited hp/meter cheats and use it in endless with unlimited timer. I won’t give you a link but they are easy to find.
Be aware it does not mod your game but “hacks” it so I’m not really sure if it works online but I don’t see why not.
Just don’t be an asshole and use it in ranked mode, you would probably get banned pretty fast anyway.




Guys, sorry for the n00b question: when there’s no visible lag, does online playing affect combos’ execution? I’ve read contrasting opinion about this (some people say the inputs are registered locally ?_?)


Has anybody thought about using the offline training mode and using the 2nd player controller ? Except, the 2nd controller is someone using a remote connection for his controller. I can imagine a 3rd party application to allow someone controller on your computer.

Just an idea but I can see input being delayed and messed up which wouldn’t even help to test and setups things. Probably too much work, so In the end, going in endless with your friend to test things would be more pratical and faster. But infinte health, meter and shown inputs would be helpful.


similar but slightly different…

would it be possible to have training mode fight request? instead of arcade mode, you’d be in training mode. or at least arcade mode modified to be more like training mode (AI doesn’t move, super/ultra meter full, etc)