Online Training Sessions

I’m shocked we don’t have this thread already.

There are alot of Sagat players and I know alot of us don’t have access to an arcade or maybe you don’t have money to burn away all day getting in quality practice.

Or maybe you need some refinement in your game or you are just starting out. Either way this thread is for you.

It’s real simple. Just post in this thread if you want online practice. Obviously Sagat mirrors aren’t the greatest way to show skill, but another more skilled player can still tell you what you need to work on as well as let you now about the holes in your game.

And of course if you have any secondaries you can whip those out too and practice those as well.

I personally only play Sagat so your assed out if you want to play anything else of mine. lolol. :smokin:

If you want to post your critique of someones gameplay feel free to post it here because it can also help other players if they read it and they recognize that the advice might be able to help them too.

Post some general info so people can send you friend requests and invites.

Also confirm if you are on both PSN, Xbox Live or both.

Gamer Tag: EmblemLord - PSN only
Location: Scotch Plains, New Jersey
Local Arcade: 8 on the Break

I consider myself a pretty good teacher and I’ll have training sessions with anyone. I’m off all this week and completely free tomorrow so feel free to hit me up.

Ok, so post away guys.

I am down for lessons or help.

I have only recently picked up Sagat, but I can also play Balrog and Vega.

GT: Jam Masta Jeff (XBL only)
Char: Sagat, Vega, Balrog, Bison (hurray shadoloo)
Location: Boise, Idaho

im from norcal,

im always down for 4 and up bars

mirror match

Emblem seen you online tonight, was going to send you a player match invite but the ball and chain wanted to watch a movie, lol. Definetly can use your help.

Location: South Bend, In
Arcarde: Gameworks: Schaumburg, Il

I’m up for some practice/pointers; I primarily use Sagat.

PSN: rvk5150

Been playing a lot of Blazblue lately, but still trying to improve my Sagat.

Gamer Tag: Ghetto4eva - PSN
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Do you guys like he idea of making a PSN chat for Sagat player match making?


add me on PSN i wont disappoint



Yeah I’ll do this Im 360 not PS3 though

GT: Tokyoinamerica
Add me I need some tips and help but I don’t have my fight stick yet

Add me to your PSN. I want to make my Sagat better like Mago. I am trying to get his setups down pat in training. I would like other input too. I also play at hookups against an El Fuerte player I am starting to beat him more and more.



Seems like ALOT of you just wanna train with me. I’m flattered but remember to add one another ok?

I am going to make the Sagat Chat on PSN then send the invite to all of you after you accept my friend requests ok?

*Goes to delete a bunch of people.

I would be interested in an official Sagat IRC or EFnet chat, where we can discuss and exchange ideas. There is one for Rachel for Blazblue, and I find it very helpful.

So anyone wanna tell me how I would go about making a chat on Efnet?

Add me, I’m just starting Sagat, but I have alot down.

im new to this whole street fighter scene. i use sagat. my xbox live gt is kei1wins

Hmmm. Dualmatrix told me how to make the chat, but I’m not savvy about this stuff.

Do I have to always make sure at least one person is in the chat?

Or does the chat have to be open for at least a few days to stay open even if no one is in it?

EmblemLord I just sent u an FR. Since my XBL acct got hacked I’m clamouring for comp of any sort, and PSN aint doing it as far as randoms go. I’m in the UK, but I have a good connection so lag should be at a minimum.

So guys just a few tips for better online connectivity.

Just check this thread out and it will explain everything.

The short hand version is this.

Get a wired connection.

Get a good ethernet cord. At least CAT 5e.

Have a good router with a good amount of RAM.

Set up your firewalls to allow info to pass through the ports.

Open ports on your router or set your PS3/360 to the DMZ. Your machine can’t get a computer virus because it’s not a PC.

You can also change your router settings to give bandwidth priority to certain devices . Do this for your PS3/360.

My PS3 is set to the DMZ and I have port priority on ethernet port 3 which is the port my PS3 uses to plug into my router.

If everyone leaves the the EFnet room, it will close. But once a single person joins again, it will open again. If you are channel operator, sort of like a mod, you will still be one when u join the channel again. You can also give the channel operator title to other people you see fit.

Hey everybody. Read this forum alot but never registered before now.

Anyway, I am quite new to taking Street Fighter seriously as I none of my friends do but I got really sucked in with IV. And therefor I’m kinda looking for a mentor of some sort to help me get things rolling.

If you dont mind helping out, feel free to add me on the 360 my GT is Verdige.

Now I havent really chosen any specific main, but I like using Sagat so I thought I would post here.