Online Training Sessions

Don’t have my PS3 at the moment, but I’m up for this.

PSN: Beastolee

Gotta level up with the Sagat army.

if anyone has the PC version add me to windows live- “TTonio”

Just got my fightstick not really new to fightstick just fightsticks with IV I need someone with a 360 to like mentor me with sagat anyone intrested PM me or add me GT

GT: Tokyoinamerica

Always looking for new angles to my scrub sagat. I’ve only ever run into 1-2 really good ones though on live, must be my location. I’ve been trying to get in some time daily to keep up with it, tough as a dad though.

GT: h0locron
Loc: Atl, GA

I’m really interested in some training sessions, I’m trying to practice my Sagat. I’m not too great of a player, but I’ve been practicing a lot trying to get better. If anyone would be willing to help, I would really appreciate it. Also trying out my new fightstick.

XBOX Live: spy890
Chars: Sagat, Ryu

i need the help!

xbl= doogsworth


Anybody who want to give me some advice about my playstyle, training methode,… Feel free to add me! My main character is Sagat.


xbox: real baboon
country: Belgium

PSN: playboi

roomate: sagat, me: ryu

always on

I would really need some I’m a noob I just need someone to show me the ropes of how Sagat is to be played. I only play on PSN- PopularStranger; I don’t have a mic, but I guess we can chat through aim while we play or whatver

I’m on XBL in Cali if anyone wants to play. I’m decent.

i m from germany
and i play on pc

gfwl : Ismarramsi

would to bring my sagat to the next level hope somebody can help me

Location: California

Hi, I realize this is a complete longshot being a PC gamer in Australia but…

Games for Windows Live Tag: LUKEtehsuck

I’ve just started playing SFIV having not played since the days of SFII on SNES and the only other fighter I’ve really invested time in is Jump Ultimate Stars on the DS, lol. I’ve been lurking on the forums here for a few weeks trying to pick up what I can. Game is gradually getting better although has just been set back a few weeks because I now have to learn how to use a stick having been a pad player all my life.

i am interested in leveling up my sagat… i got a fightstick and i’m just terrible on it … gave away my gamepad to focus solely on the stick …

xbox live GT: mongooseny23 … add me for training sessions … i’m on often

GT:Bitu (PSN only atm XBL soon, also have voice chat on psn)
Character: Ryu , Sagat
Location: Birmingham, UK (but I’m on alot so yeh time means nothing)
Some Info : I main Ryu but lately I think I’ve hit the barrier with him, all of his moves are done and dusted for me, so I picked up Sagat, I think I know the ranges with him, Im just struggling with my footsies, and thats what makes a good and a great sagat player stand out. Anyways hit me up for matches I doubt I could teach anyone (I suck at explanations :frowning: )anything seeing as I just picked up the character, although I can teach how to zone properly and when to aa, I used to play a simple zoning Ryu keeping my opponet at a distance where I was comfortable with.

I’ve been using Dictator more than Sagat so I’m not very good with him, if anyone considers themselves to be above average on XBL, post your GT for some free wins lol

Looking to work on matchups. Add me up… PSN: ninjamic

I main with Sagat and second Boxer.

I’m in Australia,
XBL tag: ekgomez08

I’ve been deciding on which characters I’d like to main with and have narrowed it down to Sagat, Balrog and Dhalsim.

If anyone’s down for a match and want’s to teach me anything just add me :):smokin:

Im in England
PSN- Jihad_uk, I main Sagat pretty much exclusively , but I do use some other characters now and again.

EmblemLord: Since you have experience playing Luffy you mind if I add you? I have very limited Rose vs Sagat experience(good sagat’s anyway) :mad:

PSN: ShinkuuR-SRK